How a Watchdog Group Exposed the Role of Anthony Fauci in Funding Abusive Animal Experiments

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Americans person been horrified to larn astir sadistic experiments connected dogs funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) directed by Anthony Fauci.

A radical called the White Coat Waste Project, which is devoted to exposing  and ending wasteful authorities spending connected carnal experimentation, reported that a laboratory successful Tunisia conducted NIAID-funded experiments successful which beagles were killed by being eaten live by soil fleas.

Hashtags #FireFauci and #FauciLiedDogsDied, dominated Twitter, and 24 lawmakers from some parties issued a missive calling for an contiguous investigation.

As thousands marked their dogs “safe from Anthony Fauci” connected societal media, it seems that Fauci, known to beryllium adroit successful handling the press, has a nationalist relations catastrophe connected his hands. In addition, this publicity has shown a spotlight connected government-funded maltreatment of animals.

The Epoch Times Celia Farber spoke with Justin Goodman, Vice President of White Coat Waste Project, connected Oct. 25 astir the organization’s relation successful exposing the ungraded successful Tunisia and besides the backing for gain-of-function probe successful Wuhan, China.

The NIAID property bureau has not responded to a petition for comment.

The Epoch Times: How agelong has White Coat Waste Project existed?

Justin Goodman: Our campaigns were launched successful 2016. White Coat Waste was founded by our President Anthony Bellotti who was a Republican strategist who had worked connected different defund campaigns and really worked successful an carnal laboratory successful his past, and was truthful shocked and horrified by what helium saw that helium made the committedness to himself to commencement an enactment to extremity that problem. In 2013 helium started WCWP, and successful 2016 we launched our archetypal campaigns.

Epoch Times Photo Justin Goodman, vice president the White Coat Waste Project. (courtesy Justin Goodman)

The Epoch Times: What is the latest development?

Mr. Goodman: Today #FauciLiedDogsDied was the fig 1 trending hashtag connected Twitter truthful the run decidedly caught occurrence again contiguous and members of Congress connected some sides of the aisle person been Tweeting astir it. Gov. Ron DeSantis gave a code astir Fauci’s maltreatment of dogs earlier today. It’s truly been singular however this has truly captured the hearts and minds of radical crossed the country, of each governmental persuasions.

The Epoch Times: To those who ask, “Is it just to necktie this to Anthony Fauci himself arsenic an individual?” what bash you say?

Mr. Goodman: Absolutely. If he’s going to get recognition for immoderate bully that helium does helium besides has to judge blasted for the evil helium does and that’s what’s happening with these canine experiments. He’s funded a signifier of puppy maltreatment with our taxation dollars.

The Epoch Times: He greenish lights them? NIH? NIAID?

Mr. Goodman: All of these experiments are conducted nether NIAID. He is surely liable for them conscionable similar helium is liable for backing the laboratory successful Wuhan whether helium personally approved that oregon not.

The Epoch Times: What was your relation successful the Wuhan laboratory backing communicative breaking open?

Mr. Goodman: As a payer watchdog group. we’re committed to finding, exposing and defunding—we similar to usage the acronym FED for that—taxpayer funded carnal experiments which discarded astir $20 cardinal each year. And successful 2019 we started investigating carnal experimentation funded by the NIH successful overseas countries.

And erstwhile the pandemic—well, anterior to the pandemic—when connection started to circulate that the laboratory successful Wuhan was perchance tied to the virus, we identified that the NIH had sent a assistance of $600,000 to that laboratory, specifically for experiments with coronaviruses.

So, we were the archetypal enactment to link the NIH to the laboratory successful Wuhan that is present astatine the halfway of speculation that it whitethorn person caused the pandemic with gain-of-function experiments.

The Epoch Times: The sadistic quality of these experiments connected puppies—what bash you deliberation personally, bash they bask inflicting symptom oregon bash they marque immoderate rational for the “science” of this?

Mr. Goodman: I conscionable deliberation that they got mode excessively overmuch wealth and there’s a stunning deficiency of accountability and transparency however that wealth is being spent truthful you person radical who marque careers torturing dogs, and it’s continued due to the fact that Anthony Fauci has fto it.  The subordinate stops with him.

The Epoch Times: Will Fauci skate connected this and conscionable marque it spell away?

Mr. Goodman: I deliberation this is the archetypal clip we person bipartisan choler directed astatine NIAID and Anthony Fauci, successful this lawsuit for experimenting connected dogs and abusing them with our taxation dollars. We did polling past period that showed 70 percent of Democrats and implicit 60 percent of Republicans opposed these experiments and privation them defunded.

And we person bipartisan members of Congress from crossed the spectrum who are demanding reforms arsenic well. And erstwhile you look astatine different situations wherever there’s been contention that helium is astatine the halfway of, it’s been beauteous partisan. So, the quality present is that the disapproval is coming from some sides of the aisle.

The Epoch Times: How did you get each this? FOIA?

Mr. Goodman: The astir caller experiments we exposed that progressive 6-to-8-month-old puppies having their vocal chords chopped out, being debarked truthful they couldn’t marque sound successful the laboratory, and past being unit fed experimental drugs astatine a outgo of $1.68 cardinal dollars to taxpayers, we exposed that utilizing the FOIA. We obtained those documents utilizing FOIA.

The Epoch Times: When did those commencement to travel backmost to you?

Mr. Goodman: We requested the documents successful August 2021, we got them beauteous quickly. Often we person to writer the NIH, successful this lawsuit we didn’t person to writer them. We got the documents successful September.

The Epoch Times: What were you asking for?

Mr. Goodman: We identified immoderate fishy contracts connected government-spending websites. And we asked for fundamentally each of the protocols and documentation for immoderate experiments connected dogs connected with those contracts.

The Epoch Times: The heartbreaking photos of the dogs successful mesh traps—I’ve seen that that took spot successful Georgia successful the United States, and besides I’ve seen Tunisia.

Mr. Goodman:  There’s been a small disorder astir that. We’ve exposed four antithetic Fauci-funded canine experiments. That experimentation was funded by NIAID, but it took spot successful Tunisia.

And that photograph was from a insubstantial that was published by NIAID-funded experimenters successful Tunisia who took steadfast puppies, sedated them, starved sandflies, and past locked the puppies heads successful mesh cages and released the starving flies to fundamentally wound the dogs and fundamentally devour them alive.

The Epoch Times: That photograph was published successful a technological journal?

Mr. Goodman: Yes.

The Epoch Times: It seems to maine that photograph itself had a immense impact. It’s crushing.

Mr. Goodman: It puts a look to the horrible abuses that are being funded by our taxation dollars by Anthony Fauci’s part astatine the NIH. We tin picture to you each time agelong what goes connected successful these laboratories but it’s antithetic to spot 2 puppies with their heads locked successful cages wherever they’re being eaten live by flies, I mean that’s game-changing.

So, immoderate of our investigations impact whistleblowers giving america photographs, immoderate of our investigations impact videos and photos we get done FOIA. And sometimes successful a lawsuit similar this we get fortunate and the experimenters themselves people the worst of the worst.

The Epoch Times: What has it been similar for you, these past fewer days?

Mr. Goodman: I’ve been doing this enactment for 16 years and person ne'er experienced a effect arsenic overwhelming arsenic this from the public, from the media, oregon from Congress. I deliberation this is going to beryllium a pivotal infinitesimal successful the past of the effort to extremity carnal experimentation and it surely feels similar that to me.

Celia Farber