How can an insurance firm send my beloved BMW to scrap?

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In October I was progressive successful a insignificant mishap driving my old, but beloved, BMW 740 (1997). The conveyance I deed had slammed its brakes on, and, though the operator called the police, helium was subsequently arrested for being connected drink oregon drugs.

Ever since, I person been battling my insurer, Privilege, to person a tenable payout.

On the ground of a bid of photos, it decreed the car is simply a class B write-off – truthful severely damaged it should not beryllium allowed backmost connected the road.

I person challenged this arsenic I would similar to person it repaired. I person asked that it really inspects the car, alternatively than assuming it is structurally damaged.

Privilege has refused to bash this and has told maine that, adjacent if I nonstop my ain technologist who finds it tin beryllium restored, it volition not alteration its mind. Its cognition has been that the institution present owns my car, and that is that. The courtesy car I was offered for 2 weeks has been taken back.

I person truly looked aft the car since I bought it successful 2000 and it has lone covered 105,000 miles. It is simply a plan classical but the institution has offered a derisory £4,150 for it. I consciousness precise severely treated.

DF, Altringham


Sadly, this communicative gets worse. Even aft I had suggested to the institution that the lone tenable result was that it nonstop an autarkic technologist to analyse the car, it was, according to Privilege, accidentally sent to beryllium scrapped. This was done without your support and adjacent aft the enforcement squad had go progressive successful your complaint.

The company, portion of the Direct Line group, has defended its archetypal determination not to nonstop idiosyncratic to analyse the car and said its engineers acted professionally.

As good arsenic sending the car to beryllium scrapped – which it has apologised for – it has refused to summation its £4,500 valuation. After my intervention, it agreed to refund your £350 excess, and to wage a further £210 towards taxi costs arsenic a (rather lacklustre) motion of goodwill. Once an other sum is added for petrol taken from the car (don’t ask) is added, it brings your full payout to conscionable abbreviated of £5,000.

You judge the car is worthy person to £6,000, and person sent examples of the fewer akin cars presently for sale.

I americium not definite it is worthy £6,000 but hold that the mode that Privilege has dealt with your assertion has been precocious handed from the start. Having sent your car to beryllium scrapped portion negotiations were ongoing, the institution has seemingly denied you the accidental to situation its decisions.

If you inactive privation to prosecute this, I would prosecute a specializer security expert, Motor Claim Guru, Tim Kelly. He says helium inactive whitethorn beryllium capable to get your car back, volition analyse it, and yet enactment connected your behalf with Privilege. Whether the worth of this assertion volition warrant his fees is different matter, but helium is highly recommended.

Alternatively, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) volition look astatine your lawsuit for free, but it volition instrumentality months to travel up with a decision.

“If your conveyance was scrapped without your consent, we’ll look astatine however this affected you. We mightiness archer your insurer to compensate you for immoderate distress oregon inconvenience that this caused, arsenic good arsenic for immoderate items that were wrong the car erstwhile it was scrapped,” it advises.

The online reviews from others who person claimed from Privilege bash not marque beauteous reading. I’d beryllium funny to cognize different readers’ experiences – bully oregon bad? Email the accustomed address.

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