How Does China’s Regime Portray California?

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The People’s Republic of China wields a immense propaganda apparatus of planetary scope. One of its main organs is the Global Times. The English version’s online tract tin springiness america a model into what the ruling Chinese Communist Party thinks of states similar California.

According to Wikipedia, it’s “a regular tabloid paper nether the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, the People’s Daily, commenting connected planetary issues from a Chinese ultra-nationalistic perspective. … In June 2020, the United States Department of State designated Global Times arsenic a overseas mission,” meaning it’s connected to a government.

However, it’s overmuch much blase than the Maoist-era denunciations of America arsenic a “paper tiger” tally by “capitalist moving dogs.” The Global Times was founded successful 1993, and its English mentation came retired successful 2009. Because English has go a planetary language, this is the mode astir of the satellite receives the messages Beijing wants radical to hear. For example, connected Dec. 28, the beforehand leafage featured 5 stories connected the simplification successful the COVID restrictions, such as, “More countries invited Chinese travelers, expecting to boost exchanges aft borderline reopening.”

Concerning California, the Global Times does tally immoderate stories astir sports and different nonpolitical matters. But its governmental stories amusement California successful the aforesaid atrocious airy arsenic the remainder of the country.


From Nov. 29: “Travel warnings amusement US’ closest friends person debased assurance successful US governance.” At the apical is simply a representation of protesters holding up a motion reading, “STOP GUN VIOLENCE.” The caption: “People are seen astatine a memorial work for victims of a wide shooting successful San Jose, California, the United States, May 27, 2021.”

The communicative begins:

As the struggle betwixt Americans with antithetic governmental demands becomes progressively violent, immoderate countries adjacent to the US person expressed concerns astir the information of their citizens successful the US, reflecting their increasing deficiency of assurance successful Washington’s governmental strategy and governance capability.

Actually, transgression successful America mostly is simply a section problem, not overmuch affected by “Washington.” Most areas inactive are safe. But immoderate cities person suffered accrued violence, particularly aft the 2020 riots pursuing George Floyd’s decease successful constabulary custody successful Minneapolis. The solution is what Mayor Rudy Giuliani did successful New York City successful the 1990s: ace down connected crime. But cities tally by wide Democrats proceed to defy that evident solution.

The Global Times’s recitation of U.S. transgression is an aged instrumentality they indispensable person picked up from the Soviet Union’s propaganda. I retrieve backmost aft the riots successful galore U.S. cities successful the mid-1960s, the Soviets produced TV quality stories connected the rioters. They besides showed the poorness of blacks successful American interior cities. But they had to halt due to the fact that Soviet radical seeing the TV images said, “The blacks whitethorn beryllium oppressed, but astatine slightest they person cars!” Which astatine that clip were scarce adjacent successful Moscow and Leningrad.

Inflation and Poverty

A pre-Thanksgiving article says, “Inflated outgo of Thanksgiving leaves Americans with much worries than thanks.” It begins with a representation of people, seemingly well-fed, waiting successful a line. The caption, “People successful request hold successful enactment during the Bay Area Rescue Mission’s yearly turkey giveaway connected November 22, 2022 successful Richmond, California. The Bay Area Rescue Mission delivered Thanksgiving turkeys and repast ingredients to an estimated 800 families astatine their yearly Thanksgiving turkey giveaway.” The opening of the story:

At this year’s Thanksgiving, Americans whitethorn find precise fewer things to beryllium thankful for, and a batch to interest about.

Complains of this being the “most costly Thanksgiving” successful decades person replaced festival gratitude. At the aforesaid time, Americans person to endure the changeless bickering betwixt Democratic and Republican parties who constituent fingers astatine each different for the existent plight, arsenic the state is further torn isolated by politics. Yet Chinese experts warned that the hard-pressed concern that has trapped Americans is conscionable the extremity of the iceberg, and much volition look arsenic the country’s failing strategy is incapable of providing effectual solution.

It quotes a California woman:

“For astir 5 years, I had fixed backmost to communities and families successful need. I donated food, clothing, and schoolhouse supplies etc. I americium not rich, but God has blessed my household with much than capable I’m grateful,” a nonmigratory successful California who preferred to beryllium called Jane told the Global Times connected Wednesday. “This year, due to the fact that nutrient is truthful expensive, I won’t beryllium capable to marque thanksgiving nutrient boxes.”

Actually, contempt this country’s galore problems, which I constitute astir each the time, the main nutrient occupation is not hunger, but obesity. Food costs of people person risen. But successful California, it’s casual for immoderate mediocre idiosyncratic to get a CalFresh card. And we ne'er had a Great Leap Forward famine, which killed up to 55 cardinal people, owed to the CCP’s socialist incompetence nether Mao, whose representation inactive is connected the renminbi slope notes.

Pelosi and Political Disarray

The insubstantial evidently doesn’t similar House Speaker Nancy Pelosi due to the fact that of her foray to Taiwan successful August. So it couldn’t defy immoderate digs against the California person implicit the onslaught connected her husband, Paul. It headlined Nov. 18, “Division, partisan struggles to support haunting US authorities aft Pelosi’s exit.” There’s a representation of her with closed eyes and looking sad. The communicative begins:

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who dragged China-US diplomatic relations into unprecedented information aft a provocative sojourn to the land of Taiwan successful August, has announced that she volition not question the Democratic enactment again aft Republicans secured power of the chamber.

However, Chinese observers judge that astatine the property of 82 and having led Democrats for 2 decades, Pelosi volition proceed to person an power successful the US Congress arsenic a lawmaker. With her representation arsenic “a radical,” Pelosi’s stepping down volition not end, but alternatively unfastened different section of US’ polarized authorities trapped successful bitter partisan struggles, they said.

According to AP News, Pelosi said the October onslaught connected her hubby by an intruder into their location successful California made her “think again astir staying.”…

Diao Daming, an subordinate prof astatine the Renmin University of China successful Beijing, told the Global Times connected Friday that Pelosi would stay an important relation arsenic agelong arsenic she’s successful the House, arsenic her imaginable successors, specified arsenic Hakeem Jeffries [who volition go Minority Leader] are powerfully influenced by her. …

Whether it’s a extremist oregon ostensibly rational Pelosi, oregon whether it’s an constitution oregon utmost [California Rep. Kevin] McCarthy, their words and deeds cannot flight intensifying partisan struggles that are chronically paralyzing US democracy, experts said.

Well, we person “partisan struggles” due to the fact that we person 2 parties, not 1 arsenic successful the PRC. This does amusement however intimately the PRC watches U.S. and California politics. After her Taiwan trip, they’re particularly funny successful Pelosi. Another story from Nov. 8 gloats:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, loves to accidental “no 1 is supra the law” erstwhile it comes to prosecuting Republicans oregon erstwhile president Donald Trump – but she and her chap lawmakers are decidedly a antithetic class erstwhile it comes to things similar insider trading.

It was the uncanny over-performance of Pelosi’s ain banal portfolio that drew attraction to imaginable insider trading by Congress, backmost successful 2021. An anonymous Twitter relationship named “Nancy Pelosi’s Portfolio Tracker” attracted implicit 200,000 followers earlier it was banned without mentation successful aboriginal December. With a legislature wage of $223,500 a year, she was someway worthy an estimated astatine $120 million. Confronted astir her seemingly uncanny concern consciousness that month, Pelosi argued the US has a free-market system and that members of Congress “should beryllium capable to participate” in.

Freedom to Joke

If Republicans marque McCarthy House Speaker adjacent week, nary uncertainty the Global Times volition beryllium getting successful its digs against that California person arsenic well. Of course, they wouldn’t situation knock their ain governmental leaders, opening with President Xi Jinping and his estimated worth. That reminds maine of a gag President Reagan really told to General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. It’s the 2nd connected this YouTube video of Reagan jokes connected the Soviet Union, starting astatine 2 minutes:

This communicative was an American and a Russian arguing astir their 2 countries. And the American said, “Look, successful my country, I tin locomotion into the Oval Office. I tin lb the President’s table and say, ‘Mr. President, I don’t similar the mode you’re moving our country.’”

And the Russian said, “I tin bash that.”

The American says, “You can?”

He says, “Yes, I tin spell into the Kremlin, to the General Secretary’s office, lb his table and say, ‘Mr. General Secretary, I don’t similar the mode President Reagan is moving his country.’”

Too atrocious Reagan isn’t astir to woody with China the mode helium did Russia, wherever little than 3 years aft helium near bureau successful 1989, connected Dec. 25, 1991, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union abolished itself.

Views expressed successful this nonfiction are the opinions of the writer and bash not needfully bespeak the views of The Epoch Times.

John Seiler

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