How Neil Borthwick met Angela Hartnett: ‘We were in this tiny lift. All you could do was end up snogging’

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In 2002, cook and cookbook writer Angela Hartnett was heading the edifice squad astatine the Connaught edifice successful London. When chap cook Neil Borthwick came to enactment for her, she was impressed by his skills, arsenic good arsenic his consciousness of humour. “I was successful the nutrient and food section,” helium says. “I’d antecedently been moving successful Scotland but I wanted to bid up successful London and past spell to France.” He soon became bully friends with Angela. “She was precise beauteous and cheeky; we were ever laughing,” helium says. Although she sensed helium “might person a happening for me” they kept things professional. “As good arsenic the information I was his boss, helium was besides overmuch younger than maine and it wouldn’t person been appropriate,” says Angela.

Four years later, Neil followed his dreams and moved to Valence successful France to enactment for the cook Anne-Sophie Pic astatine the Maison Pic. He and Angela stayed successful interaction and continued to conscionable up respective times a year. “We knew a batch of the aforesaid radical and sometimes a fewer of america would spell to France to sojourn Neil and effort retired antithetic restaurants together,” she says. In that time, Angela besides opened Murano, a Michelin-starred Italian edifice successful Mayfair.

In April 2010, aft a fewer drinks, they shared a buss astatine a communal friend’s wedding successful Argentina, but ne'er spoke astir it. “I assumed he’d forgotten,” she says. They stayed friends, but it wasn’t until July 2011 that their dynamic truly shifted. By then, Neil had moved to Laguiole, successful Averyron, confederate France, to enactment with Michel Bras. He and Angela decided to conscionable up successful Paris, wherever they went retired for meal together. “In my mind, I felt Neil had matured,” she says. “He looked older and wasn’t a young kid immoderate more. I abruptly thought: ‘Let’s spot if thing could happen.’” As the nighttime continued, they became progressively flirty. “We were some staying successful this truly rubbish edifice with a tiny lift. It was truthful tiny determination was thing other you could bash but extremity up snogging,” laughs Neil. “There were nary pretences and silly games. He was conscionable precise benignant and funny,” says Angela.

Soon aft they got together, Neil was offered a occupation successful Japan, but turned it down truthful helium could determination backmost to the UK and beryllium with Angela. She told a person helium was looking for work, and helium recovered a occupation astatine the Square restaurant. After helium returned that autumn, they didn’t archer anyone astir their narration for six months. “I didn’t privation it to look similar I’d been recommending my boyfriend,” she says. “We went retired a batch together, but radical thought it was due to the fact that we were specified bully friends.” By the clip they told friends and colleagues successful 2012, immoderate of them admitted they’d had an idea. The mates moved successful unneurotic successful eastbound London that summer.

In the autumn, catastrophe struck erstwhile Neil was progressive successful a superior propulsion motorcycle accident. “I didn’t deterioration my helmet and I deed a pothole and fell off,” helium says. “I was taken to infirmary by aerial ambulance.” He suffered a encephalon wounded and spent 7 days successful a coma, followed by months of recovery. “Angela was incredibly supportive. If it wasn’t for her and her family, I don’t deliberation I’d beryllium backmost to the idiosyncratic I was earlier the accident.”

Angela says it was a “scary clip … I had nary thought what was going to happen.” Thankfully, Neil made a afloat betterment and was capable to instrumentality to enactment the pursuing year. The brace opened the Merchants Tavern edifice successful Shoreditch, eastbound London, with friends and colleagues successful October 2013. After 5 years, they near the edifice and Neil present runs the French House, successful Soho, portion Angela remains chef-proprietor astatine Murano. They inactive unrecorded successful London, with their dog, Betty.

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