How Nicholas Braun — Cousin Greg on ‘Succession’— became NYC’s hottest bachelor

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It’s Friday nighttime astatine Ray’s, a Chrystie Street barroom connected the Lower East Side. The somesthesia has dropped beneath 60, but that’s not stopping the throngs of 20somethings — galore sporting claw clips and mini skirts — waiting successful a 30-minute enactment astatine the door. They’re connected a mission.

Since its July 2021 opening, Ray’s has go a watering spread for Instagram’s favourite Hollywood stars: You mightiness tally into Gigi Hadid, Kiernan Shipka,  Channing Tatum, Zoe Kravitz, Shawn Mendes, B.J. Novak oregon A$AP Rocky connected immoderate fixed Tuesday.

But those A-listers aren’t the gully for Friday’s crowd. From down their trendy, found-it-on-TikTok curtain bangs, these young women scan their surroundings for 1 of the joint’s personage owners. “I cognize helium comes present a lot. I’m hoping to yet spot him,” 1 said.

She wasn’t talking astir Justin Theroux, aka Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband. Instead, she’s connected the prowl for Nicholas Braun —  the inimitably awkward Cousin Greg from HBO’s “Succession.” “The crushed I archetypal went to Ray’s was, honestly, Nicholas Braun-motivated,” the pistillate admits.

Braun (left) with co-star Jeremy Strong connected  “Succession.” Braun (left) with co-star Jeremy Strong connected “Succession.” HBO

Standing astatine a gangly six-foot-seven and prone to wearing Crocs (sometimes adjacent with socks), Braun whitethorn beryllium Hollywood’s perpetual supporting character, but he’s the starring antheral of New York City nightlife.

Just inquire the 1.1 cardinal Instagram followers of celebrity-sighting relationship DeuxMoi, who way and taxable Braun’s each determination successful the city, validated by sneaky iPhone photos.
A emblematic comment: “He asked maine for sweetener and I could hardly respond.”

Braun has been spotted eating astatine restaurants similar Fanelli’s, The Odeon, The Smile and Cafe Mogador — often with 1 fetching young pistillate oregon different — and partying astatine bars similar Kingston Hall, wherever a DeuxMoi contributor reported that helium was connected a day with 2 brunettes “making retired with 1 another.”

Sometimes fans simply constitute successful that he’s just strolling astir Washington Square Park oregon “at [a] meatball-eating contention successful Little Italy.” But the astir apt spot thirsty women tin way him down is Ray’s, wherever Braun, who declined a Post interview, often helps retired down the barroom erstwhile it’s busy.

Women who emotion him from afar, women who matched with him connected the celebrity-fave dating app Raya, women who slid into his social-media DMs, women who person dated and adjacent slept with him — they each look to stock the aforesaid sentiment: Braun is simply a regular dude. And that’s the appeal.

I cognize this antheral is simply a player, truthful it’s awesome helium tin support up with each these girls.

Woman who’s been progressive with Nicholas Braun

“He’s not a certified hottie oregon thing — he’s not a idiosyncratic who would usually beryllium charismatic to the wide public,” said Lauren Silverman, a neighbour of Braun’s who admits to being successful lust with him. “He’s relatable. If you met him connected the street, helium would astir apt beryllium bully … He’s not wholly untouchable.”

One woman, who asked to stay anonymous due to the fact that her narration with Braun is inactive “semi-sexual,” said she landed the actor’s attraction by DM’ing him connected Instagram. She got a effect astir 5 hours aboriginal and, aft a fewer lines of flirty banter, they planned their archetypal date.

“It was really truly wholesome — it was during the day, and we conscionable grabbed lunch,” she said. “He’s precise saccharine and somewhat introverted. I realized he’s not that antithetic from his characters … they usually thin to beryllium a small awkward, disorganized. He greeted maine enthusiastically, and gave maine a truly large hug erstwhile we met.”

Another New Yorker who has been casually progressive with Braun marveled astatine his quality to multitask. They besides met connected Instagram, and she was amazed by his attentiveness: “He was asking maine astir my clip astatine location [visiting family]. I cognize this antheral is simply a player, truthful it’s awesome that helium tin support up with each these girls and their stories.”

She besides revealed Braun’s antithetic mode of flirting.

“I told him I’d conscionable gotten the vaccine. We’d some gotten Pfizer, truthful I was like, ‘Pfizer should marque merch.’ He sends maine a screenshot of a Pfizer overgarment connected eBay, and past helium puts a bid connected it. Then I enactment a bid connected it, and we conscionable spell backmost and forth, backmost and forth, until, eventually, it’s, like, $300,” the New Yorker recalled. “At the past second, I propulsion out, due to the fact that I don’t person f–king $300 to spend. Turns out, helium had secretly enactment a bid connected different one, truthful helium ended up with 2 of them. It’s 1 of the funnier things I’ve done portion dating successful New York.”

 It’s not antithetic   for customers astatine  LES barroom  Ray’s (left) to beryllium  connected  the prowl for Braun, who co-owns the spot   with Justin Theroux. It’s not antithetic for customers astatine LES barroom Ray’s to beryllium connected the prowl for Braun, who co-owns the spot with Justin Theroux.Stefano Giovannini
Actor Justin Theroux.Actor Justin Theroux co-owns Ray’s with Braun. Getty Images

Braun was calved and raised connected Long Island. His begetter is an actor, too, but is amended known for his plan projects: He co-created the Rolling Stones’ lingua logo and worked connected the band’s notorious “Sticky Fingers” medium cover, with its moving zipper (dreamed up by Andy Warhol). Like galore aspiring New York actors earlier him, 1 of Braun’s debut tv roles was “kid” successful an occurrence of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”; successful 2005, helium got his interruption playing a “sidekick” successful “Sky High,” a Disney movie astir teenage superheroes.

As a teen, helium acted during summertime breaks from boarding schoolhouse and worked tiny roles successful the years pursuing graduation, successful films similar “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

But successful his latest supporting role, connected “Succession,” Braun is thing but a benchwarmer. Cousin Greg “the Egg” is painfully awkward — an aboriginal country captures him vomiting retired the eyeballs of a mascot costume — but incredibly innocent, endearingly naive and indisputably layered.

The great-nephew of media titan Logan Roy, helium happens into the intoxicatingly messy rivalry betwixt his cousins, each of whom are vying to beryllium Logan’s successor. Greg climbs the ladder, graduating from mascot suits to decorator ones, and starts to amusement his teeth successful Season 3, which premiered connected HBO Oct. 17.

In interviews, Braun comes crossed arsenic as saccharine and shamelessly awkward.
British GQ reported an lawsuit of Braun approaching BarStool Sports laminitis Dave Portnoy connected the streets of New York to compliment his “One Bite Pizza Reviews.” Before Portnoy, who is simply a “Succession” fan, recognized him arsenic Cousin Greg, helium benignant of blew Braun off: “He was being ace weird, to beryllium honest,” Portnoy aboriginal said of the interaction.

Last May, Braun posted a callout connected Instagram, urging fans to assistance him constitute euphony for a opus astir emotion successful the clip of lockdown. He aboriginal released the track, entitled “Antibodies,” arsenic good arsenic an accompanying euphony video, which has been viewed much than 777,300 times connected YouTube.

Nicholas astatine  Dior SoHo Men’s Opening.Nicholas Braun astatine Dior SoHo Men’s Opening.Ryan Kobane/

“If you travel wrong six feet/ It’s disguise on, disguise on, disguise on, disguise on,” helium croons. “But if you got antibodies/ It’s pants off, pants off, pants off, pants off.”

Proceeds from the opus are donated to assemblage organizations providing pandemic relief, and Braun reportedly scored a woody with Atlantic Records arsenic a result.

He has also, hilariously and earnestly, addressed the throngs of women throwing themselves astatine him successful his comments and DMs.

“There’s been a clump of radical saying they privation maine to deed them with my car … like, successful a sexy way. Or, like, stomp connected their necks with my Crocs, or, um … slap them successful the face. You know, these benignant of, like, violent, sexy benignant things,” he said successful an Instagram video from September 2020. “But the car happening is truly concerning, and I conscionable wanted to say, um … I’m down.”

For those who don’t get a DM backmost from Braun, vibrator institution Lovense is selling a “Greg the Egg” physics device that pairs with the brand’s wearable enactment toys. It’s programmed to vibrate each clip Braun appears successful a country connected “Succession.” Asked astir it, Braun told Vanity Fair, “Oh my God. I privation I didn’t cognize astir this.”

Still, adjacent Silverman — the neighbour longing to day him — admitted determination is 1 happening she’d  change astir Braun: those damn Crocs. “Unless he’s gardening successful his Lower East Side apartment, past that’s truly functional. But different … nary convey you,” she said.

Like each the champion stories, this 1 has a blessed ending. The miss successful enactment astatine Ray’s told The Post her travel to the barroom was a success: “There’s this booth inside, to the near of the bar, where, like, friends of the barroom sit. I looked over, and helium was sitting there.

“Oh my God. I’ve yet seen Nicholas Braun.”