How to Enable 'Conversation Boost' on Your AirPods Pro (and When You Should)

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Conversation Boost is simply a caller AirPods Pro diagnostic specifically for those who look proceeding challenges. It’s a bully summation to AirPods Pro’s accessibility features, which besides includes the quality to enable sound cancellation successful a azygous AirPod. We’re going to archer you what Conversation Boost is and however to alteration it connected your AirPods Pro.

What is Conversation Boost connected AirPods Pro?

Conversation Boost allows you to usage the AirPods Pro similar a proceeding aid. It focuses the microphones connected the idiosyncratic straight other you, which boosts the measurement levels of their speech. If you’re successful a face-to-face conversation, your AirPods Pro’s Conversation Boost diagnostic volition heighten the audio levels of the idiosyncratic you’re speaking with successful existent time.

The AirPods Pro has a Transparency mode, which allows you to perceive ambient sounds portion you’re wearing the headphones. Conversation Boost is simply a clever usage of Transparency mode, wherever the AirPods Pro focuses much connected audio from 1 direction, arsenic opposed to letting successful sounds from each astir you.

This doesn’t mean that the AirPods Pro tin regenerate medical-grade proceeding aids. However, it’ll inactive beryllium adjuvant to radical with proceeding difficulties.

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How to alteration Conversation Boost connected AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro’s Conversation Boost diagnostic tin beryllium enabled from your iPhone’s accessibility settings. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Accommodations, past alteration Headphone Accommodations. Now deterioration your AirPods Pro and scroll to the bottommost of the aforesaid settings page. Tap Transparency Mode.

If you’ve ne'er customized your AirPods Pro’s Transparency Mode, you’ll spot a bid of on-screen instructions asking what benignant of audio settings you like. Finish mounting it up first, and past you’ll beryllium backmost to the Transparency Mode settings page. Scroll to the bottommost and you’ll spot Conversation Boost supra the Noise Control section. Enable Conversation Boost, and connected the aforesaid page, prime Transparency nether Noise Control.

Remember that Conversation Boost lone works erstwhile you’ve enabled Transparency mode connected your AirPods Pro. It volition not enactment if you’ve switched connected progressive sound cancellation. It’s besides omniscient to carnivore successful caput that erstwhile your speech is over, you should disable Conversation Boost. Especially if you program to locomotion outdoors portion wearing your AirPods Pro, Conversation Boost tin get a spot uncomfortable to usage and it whitethorn beryllium little harmless than allowing successful sounds from each directions.