How to (Finally) Speed Up Pokémon GO’s Refresh Rate on Your Phone

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Pokémon GO is inactive going strong, and is simply a large illustration of a uniquely mobile gaming experience. While the crippled is much astir hunting for Pokémon passim the existent world, and little astir graphics, the game’s framework complaint has ever lagged down what our smartphones are susceptible of. Thankfully, that’s nary longer the case, arsenic Pokémon GO’s framework complaint tin present lucifer your smartphone’s autochthonal refresh rate.

Pokémon GO treated framework rates otherwise connected iOS and Android

On Android, you’ve been capable to play astatine a default 60 fps for immoderate clip now. While plentifulness of Android phones person 90 Hz and 120 Hz refresh complaint displays, 60 fps is inactive comparatively smooth. On iPhone, however, the headdress has ever been 30 fps, meaning Pokémon GO players connected iOS person had to woody with an unnecessarily dilatory framework rate. Even though the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are the lone 2 iPhones to enactment 120 Hz, each others enactment 60 Hz, truthful we should person had astatine least 60 fps arsenic an option.

As noted by Sam Byford of The Verge, Pokémon GO softly added a caller diagnostic successful its latest update that lets users take to acceptable the game’s framework complaint to the smartphone’s autochthonal refresh rate. That means if you’re utilizing an iPhone with a 60 Hz refresh rate, similar an iPhone X, the crippled volition tally astatine 60 fps; a 90 Hz phone, similar the Pixel 4, volition tally astatine 90 fps; and a 120 Hz phone, similar the iPhone 13 Pro, volition tally astatine 120 fps. It’s a large option, but it’s by nary means advertised oregon clear, nor is it enabled by default. Without immoderate superior digging done the app, you mightiness ne'er cognize the diagnostic exists.

How to summation Pokémon GO’s refresh rate

To start, marque definite your app is updated to astatine slightest mentation 1.191.0. You tin cheque for immoderate disposable updates from the Play Store connected Android, oregon the App Store connected iOS.

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With the app afloat updated, pat connected the Pokéball on the bottommost of the screen, past spell to Settings. Scroll each the mode down, and take “Advanced Settings.” Here, you’ll find the “Native Refresh Rate” option; conscionable pat the ellipse adjacent to the enactment to alteration it.

Image for nonfiction  titled How to (Finally) Speed Up Pokémon GO’s Refresh Rate connected  Your Phone

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Once you exit backmost to the game, you should announcement a overmuch smoother experience, particularly if you’re playing connected an iPhone, oregon an Android instrumentality with a 90 Hz oregon 120 Hz display. Keep successful mind, expanding the framework rate—especially to 120 Hz connected supported phones—could enactment a strain connected artillery life. If that’s much important to you than creaseless performance, you mightiness privation to support this diagnostic off. However, it’s not wide yet however overmuch interaction this diagnostic truly does person connected artillery life, oregon if that interaction is antithetic connected iPhone and Android.