How to Get Rid of the Scratches on Your Glasses (and Stop Them From Happening Again)

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Unless you outpouring for the costly anti-scratch coating, oregon instrumentality really bully attraction of your glasses, chances are you’ll extremity up with a fewer scratches connected your lenses from clip to time. And adjacent if you don’t deterioration medicine glasses, you astir apt person a brace of sunglasses sitting astir somewhere, and they besides person a inclination to get scratched (especially if you propulsion them successful the mitt compartment of your car without a case).

But the bully quality is that not lone are determination ways to forestall your glasses from getting scratched successful the archetypal place, but it’s besides imaginable to get escaped of existing scratches. Here are immoderate tips for doing both.

How to region scratches from glasses

Of course, erstwhile we speech astir “glasses” getting scratched, we’re truly referring to the lenses, alternatively than the framework (although those tin get scratched too). And the scratches we’re dealing with present are comparatively insignificant ones from mundane wear-and-tear—nothing too deep oregon damaged.

Before you bash thing else, Jonathan Zavaleta of Spy recommends rinsing the glasses with lukewarm water, past utilizing a microfiber cloth to hitch disconnected immoderate ungraded oregon particulate connected your lenses. Next, it’s clip for a DIY solution to assistance tackle the scratches.

Mix a mates of tablespoons of baking soda with a tiny magnitude of h2o to make a heavy paste, Zavaleta says. Then drawback a cleanable microfiber cloth (i.e. not the 1 you conscionable used) and mildly hitch the solution onto the lenses.

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After that, rinse the glasses with lukewarm h2o erstwhile again, and usage a 3rd cleanable microfiber cloth to springiness them a last wipe-down, per Zavaleta’s instructions.

How to forestall scratches connected your glasses

Now that you cognize however to get escaped of insignificant scratches connected your lenses, let’s speech astir however to forestall them from happening successful the archetypal place. It should spell without saying that storing your glasses safely wrong an due lawsuit (meaning 1 large enough, secure, and with a hard shell) is the champion mode to support them, but determination are different things to support successful mind, too.

Here are a fewer tips, courtesy of Washington Eye Doctors:

Be cautious erstwhile taking your glasses off

Handle them by the arms (aka the temples) alternatively of the rims. “This way, your fingers debar the framework and lens country altogether, reducing the accidental of inadvertently scratching them,” they write. “Additionally, holding them by the temples with some hands ensures a amended grip, truthful you’ll beryllium little apt to driblet them.”

Pay attraction to however you acceptable them down

Always spot glasses down with their lenses facing upward (unless they’re wrong a lawsuit that requires the other position). Beyond that, the safest presumption for them is with the arms/temples unfastened and upside down, which Washington Eye Doctors says makes them much stable. Also, marque definite you acceptable your glasses down determination safe, alternatively than a spot wherever they could beryllium easy knocked implicit oregon accidentally damaged.

Clean them with the due materials

Instead of wiping your glasses connected your shirt, a napkin, oregon a bath towel, usage a brushed microfiber cloth. Other materials are much abrasive, which could origin you to unknowingly scratch your glasses (which benignant of defeats the purpose).