How to Get Rid of Those Annoying App Banners in Safari

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Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Smart app banners started retired arsenic a mode for developers say, “You there! This mobile website sucks, wherefore don’t you cheque retired our app instead?” That was a alleviation erstwhile mobile browsers were atrocious and websites were astir unusable. Since past though, mobile websites person gotten a lot better, portion those “helpful” astute app banners person go the existent annoyance.

Since iOS 15 brought extensions to Safari, the mobile browser has go highly capable. There’s a escaped hold that gets escaped of annoying astute app banners with ease.

How to usage Unsmartifier to region astute app banners successful Safari

This hold is called Unsmartifier and you tin travel these steps to acceptable it up:

  1. First, download Unsmartifier from the App Store. It’s a escaped Safari extension.
  2. Next, you tin enable its Safari extension. That’s casual if you spell to Settings > Safari > Extensions > Unsmartifier.
  3. Enable Unsmartifier.
  4. Scroll down to the conception labeled Permissions for “Unsmartifier”. You tin pat All Websites and prime Allow. This volition let the hold to entree each websites truthful that it tin get escaped of astute app banners everywhere.

That’s it. Now you tin sojourn immoderate website successful Safari and Unsmartifier volition automatically artifact astute app banners. Try deleting the Google app from your telephone and sojourn to spot the results.

Before (left) and aft  enabling Unsmartifier successful  Safari connected  iPhone.

Before (left) and aft enabling Unsmartifier successful Safari connected iPhone.Screenshot: Pranay Parab

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To cheque if Unsmartifier has blocked immoderate astute app banners, unfastened Safari and pat the aA fastener successful the code bar. Then prime Unsmartifier and you’ll beryllium capable to spot however galore astute app banners it’s been capable to block.

The limitations of Unsmartifier

Unsmartifier is lightweight, free, and it does what it promises. There are immoderate kinds of app banners that it can’t get escaped of, though—some websites similar Reddit usage customized app banners that Unsmartifier can’t remove. Fortunately, there’s an casual mode to remove Reddit’s persistent app pop-up, but not each specified website volition connection you that luxury.

It’s besides worthy remembering that Unsmartifier can’t region the pop-up that suggests you unfastened an already installed app connected your phone. For example, if you unfastened connected Safari and you besides person its app installed, you’ll inactive spot a barroom astatine the apical of the leafage that lets you rapidly unfastened the app. The champion mode to destruct these banners, then, is to uninstall the app if you truly similar utilizing the mobile site.