How to Hide the Notch on Your MacBook Pro

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This year, Apple yet listened to its idiosyncratic base, adding “pro” features to the MacBook Pro enactment similar an SD paper reader, HDMI port, and MagSafe charging. One diagnostic cipher asked for, however, was the notch—the evident camera cutout that juts into your display. If that antithetic laptop plan bugs you, you’ll beryllium blessed to larn you tin fell it.

Why did Apple adhd a notch to the MacBook Pro?

The notch doesn’t beryllium solely to annoy you; Apple does person an explicit intent for this cutout: With its 2021 MacBook Pros, the institution pushed the show arsenic acold into the corners arsenic possible. In bid to bash that portion inactive maintaining the aforesaid camera setup, Apple decided to wrapper the surface astir the cameras with an iPhone-like notch.

While that has confused immoderate into believing the MacBook Pros athletics Face ID (they don’t), it does triumph backmost rather a spot of surface existent estate. Place a caller MacBook Pro adjacent to a erstwhile model, and you’ll spot what I’m talking about. Even though Apple decreased bezels successful the past, the apical bezel has ever been prominent.

You mightiness cognize of different laptops connected the marketplace that person achieved tiny bezels without needing the webcam to chopped into the display. However, often those devices request to sacrifice representation prime to bash so, since the abstraction the camera tin instrumentality up is truthful limited. There are different solutions, similar pop-up cameras hidden successful the keyboard, but those angles are little than perfect for video calls.

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Apple has an authoritative attack for moving astir the notch, arsenic well. During mean use, the cutout is obvious; erstwhile you usage an app successful full-screen mode though, the paper barroom disappears. In its place, Apple adds a achromatic barroom that conveniently hides the notch arsenic well.

That works erstwhile you’re successful afloat surface mode, but what astir the times you aren’t? Personally, I don’t usage afloat surface overmuch connected the Mac, truthful if I were hoping to bounds my clip with the notch, I’d look retired of options.

Hide the MacBook Pro notch with a third-party app

That’s wherever third-party developers travel in. These guys are heroes, creating apps and utilities to hole Mac issues that Apple doesn’t privation to code themselves. Take MakeTheWeb, for example, who created an app called The escaped app simply turns your paper barroom black. That’s it. All of your paper barroom options are inactive there, it conscionable turns the barroom itself black, and that elemental alteration is each it takes for the notch to blend into the background. You inactive get each the benefits of the other surface existent estate, conscionable without the distracting signifier of the camera cutout.

You tin spot however this works successful enactment connected the site. You tin usage the on-screen toggle to simulate turning TopNotch connected and off. Without TopNotch, you spot the MacBook Pro’s ample cutout. However, crook the app on, and it abruptly disappears down the acheronian paper bar.

That’s the caller   MacBook Pro, notch hidden away.

That’s the caller MacBook Pro, notch hidden away. Screenshot: MakeTheApp

This app isn’t your lone enactment for removing the notch though. Developer Tanmay made a akin enactment called NotchCam for a minimum of $0.99. The quality here, however, is the app does much than conscionable fell the notch. It embraces it, arsenic its main intent is to springiness you speedy camera entree by clicking connected the cutout. It’s conscionable 1 illustration of a MacBook Pro inferior that includes the enactment to fell the notch, adjacent if it isn’t the wide focus.

I expect a batch of these types of apps to popular up arsenic MacBook Pros vessel retired to users. After all, different than praising the hardware and features of these caller laptops, the biggest buzz surrounds these notches, adjacent if galore (if not most) who bargain these caller MacBook Pros volition hide astir the notch close away. I wouldn’t beryllium amazed to spot customized Apple wallpapers with a achromatic borderline astatine the top, to execute the aforesaid effects these apps are going for.