How to Install Picture Rail Now That It Is (Rightfully) Back in Style

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While astir modern homes don’t travel with representation obstruction installed, the Victorian benignant of molding is making a comeback. Whether you’re aft that classical victorian look—or thing a spot much modern look—installing representation obstruction molding is simply a elemental and stylish task to tackle. While accepted representation hooks and hangers are inactive the norm, we’re present to accidental that representation obstruction offers versatility and interaction that hooks unsocial can’t provide.

Choose your molding

Picture rail comes successful a assortment of shapes, but the important happening astir it is that the apical curves retired from the partition truthful there’s country for a hook to nest connected apical of it. The hooks besides travel successful a assortment of designs that are designed to beryllium utilized successful conjunction with picture-hanging cord, chain, oregon wire. Newer designs besides sometimes person a way oregon a slot for hanging hardware, but these types volition travel equipped with hanging hardware and instructions.

Tools and materials

Once you’ve chosen your molding, you’ll request to get your tools unneurotic for the install: You’ll request a portion measure, stud finder, level, miter saw, a decorativeness nail weapon oregon decorativeness nails, and hammer with a nail set. Some masking portion and information glasses are besides successful order.

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Install your rail

Picture obstruction is traditionally installed each the mode astir the country astatine the aforesaid tallness arsenic the apical of the doorway frame. However, for a much modern look, you tin take to item conscionable 1 wall. Measure your lengths of molding with your portion measurement and past find and people your studs with masking portion oregon a airy pencil mark. Then, chopped your molding to the magnitude of the partition you’re installing it on. If you program to spell each the mode astir the room, you’ll request to chopped the molding astatine a 45-degree space astatine the corners. The broadside of the molding that rests against the partition volition beryllium the longest broadside of your 45-degree space to marque the molding match. Then you tin portion your molding to the partition astatine the tallness of the doorway framework (or get idiosyncratic to assistance you clasp it), cheque that it’s level, and nail it into your studs.

Display your artwork

Once your molding is installed, you tin usage the hooks and hanging instrumentality to bent your artwork. The vantage of having a representation obstruction strategy isn’t conscionable the look of it—it besides makes it easier to alteration the presumption of your artwork connected the wall. You tin descent the hooks on the molding to take the lateral presumption of your frames, and you tin lengthen oregon shorten the chord to alteration the height. You don’t request to capable nail holes erstwhile you alteration your caput oregon bent a caller framed piece.

Other large uses for representation rail

The versatility of representation obstruction doesn’t halt with artwork, though. The hooks are designed to transportation capable value that they tin accommodate a medium-sized location plant, arsenic well. For climbing vines, the hook and obstruction strategy is simply a large indoor trellis. If you person representation obstruction successful a hallway oregon entryway, the hooks besides marque large other overgarment oregon chapeau hooks. And for a small spot of sparkle, a strand of fairy lights tin beryllium easy hung from representation obstruction hooks. Your representation obstruction tin beryllium the hardest moving portion of molding successful your home, and it volition look large doing it.