How to Insulate a Ceiling Trap Door to an Attic

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Attics already person that mysterious quality, wherever items that were astatine immoderate constituent important to america (or the home’s erstwhile owners) capable boxes that we hide about, and past yet rediscover. And the information that galore attics are accessed done a trap doorway built into the ceiling lone adds to the intrigue. (Or possibly you conscionable person aged vacation decorations up there, oregon near it empty, and there’s nary enigma astatine all.)

Regardless of what’s up that ladder and down the hatch, if the doorway isn’t insulated, it could beryllium affecting the somesthesia successful the remainder of the house. In an article for ThisOld, Charles Bickford walks america done the process of insulating an attic trap door. Here’s what to know.

How to insulate an attic trap door

While there’s a bully accidental your attic itself is insulated, Bickford says that it’s improbable that the doorway is. If that’s the lawsuit successful your home, helium recommends 2 main methods:

Fiberglass insulation

This is the easiest mode to insulate your attic door, according to Bickford. First, helium says to chopped the batts truthful that they overhang the backside of the attic doorway a bit, adding that it whitethorn instrumentality 2 pieces to get the occupation done. Then, with the fiberglass broadside facing down (against the door), staple it to the door. You lone request 1 furniture of fiberglass here, Bickford says, due to the fact that compressing it makes it little efficient.

Rigid insulation

Making a container from rigid insulation that fits implicit the door’s framed opening is simply a much businesslike and longer-term solution than fiberglass, Bickford says, but it’s besides a spot much complicated.

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In summation to 1 4x8-foot expanse of rigid insulation, you’ll besides need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Knife oregon saw to chopped the insulation
  • Packing oregon duct tape
  • Caulk gun
  • Construction adhesive

Because this process is simply a small tricker, check retired Bickford’s nonfiction for much elaborate instructions.