How to Keep Your Poinsettias Alive Until Christmas

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Bright reddish poinsettias are fashionable holiday-season decor, and similar a batch of plants, person peculiar preferences erstwhile it comes to placement successful your home. To assistance your flowers past and thrive passim the season—especially if works attraction isn’t your jam—make definite you cognize however overmuch water, sunlight, and vigor your poinsettias need.

Where to spot your poinsettias

First and foremost, bash not support your poinsettias in your windowsills oregon retired connected your beforehand porch, nary substance however overmuch you privation passers-by to spot them. Native to Mexico, poinsettias thrive successful much tropical environments and bash not bash good successful acold and drafty spaces.

Instead, spot your poinsettias successful an country with temperatures betwixt 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the time and 60 to 65 degrees astatine night—definitely nary colder than 55 degrees. Avoid immoderate utmost temps by keeping them distant from heating vents and appliances, arsenic good arsenic doors to the outside. The abstraction should besides get astatine slightest six hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day.

Poinsettias aren’t steadfast for pets to ingest, truthful find a spot retired of their scope if your critters thin to devour plants.

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How overmuch h2o does a poinsettia need?

Poinsettias similar moist soil—not soaked and not dry. When the ungraded is adust to the touch, oregon erstwhile you assistance the works and it feels light, saturate the ungraded with country somesthesia h2o and let it to drain. A tiny solid of h2o is usually enough for a modular poinsettia. You tin besides soak the works from a crockery below.

The perfect frequence of watering depends connected however lukewarm and adust your abstraction is, truthful you whitethorn privation to cheque the ungraded each time until you fig retired a routine. Generally, ungraded that’s a small adust is amended than ungraded that is overly drenched. Misting the works successful betwixt waterings tin beryllium adjuvant if your home’s vigor often runs connected high.

What to bash with poinsettias aft the holidays

Decorating with poinsettias doesn’t person to beryllium constricted to the vacation season. Once the blooms drop, chopped backmost watering to erstwhile a week, and prune plants successful aboriginal outpouring (March oregon April). Continue pursuing recommendations for somesthesia and sunlight. Repot your poinsettias successful May, and store them successful a cool, agleam spot for the summer.