How to Lock Up Your Photos and Videos in Google Photos

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For 1 crushed oregon another, we each person photos and videos that we don’t privation conscionable anyone looking at, and e’ve each acquisition that tiny jolt panic erstwhile showing idiosyncratic one picture, and they commencement scrolling to their heart’s content. If you usage Google Photos, you nary longer request to worry, arsenic you tin determination your delicate photos and videos to a Locked Folder with ease.

Google Photos’ Locked Folder is present disposable connected assorted Android devices

Locking photos and videos was primitively a Pixel-exclusive diagnostic for Google Photos. However, Google promised that it would get connected different Android devices and iOS by the extremity of the year. While iPhones inactive don’t look to person the feature, Android Police discovered that immoderate Androids different than Pixel devices are capable to usage it.

First, a enactment connected however it works: When you determination photos and videos to your Google Photos Locked Folder, it does a fewer things. First, it evidently hides that media from your wide photograph library; second, it stops that media from being backed up to the cloud, which adds different furniture of privateness to the images. It puts that media astatine risk; if you delete the Google Photos app oregon different erase your phone, everything successful Locked Photo is besides deleted.

How to fastener photos and videos successful Google Photos

Once the diagnostic hits your Google Photos app, each you request to bash to usage it is unfastened a representation oregon video you privation to lock. Swipe up connected the image, oregon pat the 3 dots successful the top-right, past scroll done the expanded options and pat “Move to Locked Folder.”

If this is your archetypal clip utilizing the feature, Google Photos volition amusement you a splash surface detailing what the diagnostic is truly each about. If you’re blessed with each of the aforementioned features, spell up astatine pat “Set up.” Now, authenticate yourself utilizing the authentication method you usage connected the fastener screen. For example, if you usage look unlock, scan your look to continue. You tin besides pat “Use PIN” to participate your passcode instead. Tap “Confirm” erstwhile prompted.

All that’s near to bash is pat “Move,” and Google Photos volition vessel that photograph retired of your library, and into the Locked Folder.

How to entree media successful the locked folder

The locked folder is hidden distant a bit. To find it, pat “Library,” past “Utilities.” Scroll down, past pat “Locked Folder.” Authenticate yourself, past pat “Confirm.” Here, you tin browse your photos and videos similar you would successful immoderate different folder—and you besides have the enactment to determination an point retired of the locked folder.