How to Properly Freeze Your Extra Cookies so They Don't Go Stale

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As idiosyncratic who often cooks acold much nutrient than she is susceptible of eating successful immoderate fixed week, my freezer is an incredibly important portion of my kitchen. (I conscionable acquired a chest freezer, and wow—what a world.) My freezers fto maine bask the spoils of my labour astatine a gait that is reasonable. Though I americium susceptible of eating 2 twelve potato spot cookies earlier they “go bad,” 4 retired of 5 doctors hold that it would beryllium “bad” for me.

Most of america are alert that cooky dough freezes incredibly well—scoop it into small balls earlier you frost for casual baking—but less look to cognize that whole, afloat baked cookies besides frost beautifully.

How to decently frost your freshly baked cookies

Freezing cookies is easy: After you’ve eaten arsenic galore hot-from-the-oven cookies arsenic you tin stomach, fto the remainder chill completely, past spot them connected a parchment-lined baking expanse and popular them successful the freezer for an hr oregon two, until frozen solid. Transfer to a integrative freezer container oregon different freezer-safe container, and people it with the date. (I’ve work that cookies enactment bully successful the freezer for up to a month, but I’ve eaten them past that constituent and they were fine.)

In summation to keeping your cookies from going stale, freezing them allows you to get up of vacation cooking-making season, which volition beryllium present faster than you think. Decorated cookies volition request to beryllium wrapped separately, but you tin ever frost a clump of sweetener cookies and decorate them later.

When you’re acceptable to devour a cookie—or stock them with last-minute company—all you person to bash is fto them beryllium astatine country temp for fractional an hr oregon lukewarm them successful a 350-degree oven for a fewer minutes. You tin besides popular them successful the microwave for 5-10 seconds, permission them frozen and usage them arsenic a basal for crystal pick sandwiches, oregon devour them partially frozen (which is really beauteous good).

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