How to Resize a Rug Using a Utility Knife

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If you’re looking for a rug for a circumstantial spot successful your home, chances are the 1 you autumn successful emotion with won’t acceptable the space. But the bully quality is that if it’s excessively ample for the area, you tin resize it yourself, utilizing a inferior weapon and immoderate glue. Here’s what to know.

How to resize a rug

While you can’t marque a rug bigger if it’s excessively tiny for a space, you tin bash the opposite. This extremity comes courtesy of Marynn Udvarhelyi, the laminitis of Wildflower Home Blog, who ran retired of patience searching for a rug to acceptable successful a bathroom, and decided to instrumentality matters into her ain hands. After uncovering a vintage rug that acceptable the room’s decor but was excessively large, she utilized a inferior weapon to chopped it down to the close size.

But earlier you commencement slashing, determination are a fewer things to know.

The archetypal is that unfortunately, this method doesn’t enactment connected each rugs: According to Kate McGregor astatine Domino, it works champion connected “an abstract people oregon bordered pattern, wherever determination is simply a wide spot to harvest without the plan looking unusual afterward.”

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Also, you request the measurements of your level abstraction truthful you cognize the perfect dimensions for the rug. Then, enactment down a mat oregon portion of heavy cardboard to support the level wherever you’re going to marque the cuts. Once you cognize the close size, drawback a inferior weapon oregon container cutter, and usage a ruler (or ideally, a yardstick) to marque definite you’re cutting the rug successful a consecutive line, McGregor advises.

The adjacent measurement is binding the edges of your caller rug. For this, you person a fewer options. Udvarhelyi decided to instrumentality her rug to a section carpet company, wherever she selected the colour she wanted for the trim, and picked up the finished rug a fewer days later, for a outgo of $50 (that peculiar store charged $3 per linear foot).

If you privation to instrumentality the DIY route, McGregor says that you tin usage accepted Elmer’s glue to seal the edges and forestall fraying.