How to Set Up Your Own Secure Email Server

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Recent probe from Verizon shows that 96% of societal engineering attacks are done done email, and for that crushed alone, you mightiness privation to see adding other security. Let’s sermon the explanation of a “secure email server,” its pros and cons, and however to acceptable 1 up.

What is simply a unafraid email server?

The main quality betwixt a regular email and a unafraid email server is the level of protection: Secure email servers person further information features that instrumentality clip and effort to acceptable up, but are much apt to basal up against hackers and atrocious actors than accepted email servers.

To simplify matters, the existent enactment of using a unafraid email code is not overmuch antithetic than regular email—you won’t person to larn immoderate caller skills erstwhile you power to a unafraid email. However, you bash request to beryllium definite that the supplier you’re choosing really uses a unafraid server. Some fashionable email providers similar Google oregon Microsoft whitethorn assertion that their services are secure, and they are, to some extent, but these services can’t connection the aforesaid level of power and information that mounting up your ain unafraid server does.

A genuinely unafraid email server can’t entree your conversations, can’t illustration you, won’t amusement you targeted ads, and won’t log immoderate information oregon metadata.

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What are the pros and cons of a backstage email server?

As with each tech decisions, you should beryllium alert of some the benefits and drawbacks to utilizing unafraid email servers:

On the pro side:

  • Advanced privacy
  • The server is unavailable to your leader oregon email provider
  • More power implicit email management
  • Advanced features that wide email providers lack

On the con side:

  • Creating a unafraid email takes clip and effort
  • It requires much work (installing bundle to forestall hacks, learning however to support messages)
  • It requires a hard thrust with capable capacity

Basically it’s privacy, security, and reliability that are the apical reasons for creating your backstage email server.

Setting up a unafraid email server

While the thought of mounting up a unafraid email server whitethorn look intimidating astatine first, it’s really an casual process. It does get a bit technical, but plenty of resources disposable online tin assistance locomotion you done the process.

Here are immoderate of the things you’ll request to get started:

  • A domain sanction ( you volition usage to acceptable up an email address
  • A unreality server oregon dedicated server that has a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB+ of RAM space, and 5 GB of disk space
  • Free, open-source Mailcow software

When creating a idiosyncratic unafraid email server, it’s champion to spell with a unreality server, whereas businesses would payment from having a dedicated email server.

The archetypal measurement is to configure DNS records. You tin either usage the domain registrar’s DNS, successful which you’d travel these steps:

  • Login to the domain registrar
  • Set the nameservers of [] to your domain registrar’s nameservers
  • Set up the A record to the superior IP of the server
  • Set the MX grounds of to:

If you’re utilizing an outer DNS record, you’ll travel the aforesaid steps listed above, but acceptable the nameservers to lucifer your outer DNS. Juts enactment that it’ll instrumentality 24-48 hours for the DNS records to propagate earlier you tin person and nonstop emails.

The pursuing steps volition assistance you with message server installation. First, you’ll privation to log successful to your SSH. Then, you’ll request to update strategy packages, install curl and git, download the docker and docket components and update docker settings to executable.

The adjacent measurement aft performing these steps is to guarantee your umask equals 0022 and alteration into /opt directory. You’ll download Mailcow files, alteration them into the Mailcow directory and past generate the configuration file. You’ll propulsion the images, tally the composer file, and your installation volition beryllium complete. You’ll present beryllium capable to log successful to your server utilizing your username admin and password.

You’ll privation to create a unsocial password and past spell into the configuration sheet to acceptable up assorted email domains and email addresses. You’ll past click connected the mailbox tab to adhd email users.

Finally, to entree the mailbox, usage the webmail interface astatine From there, you tin nonstop and person emails, cheque your calendar, and presumption and marque changes to your code book.

It’s suggested that you scope retired to an experienced web solution supplier if you tally into immoderate problems on the way—there are plentifulness you tin entree online to assistance you with immoderate server issues you whitethorn encounter.