How to Sideload Android Apps on Windows 11

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Windows 11 tin tally Android apps arsenic if they’re autochthonal PC software, but lone a fistful are officially supported astatine the clip of this writing. However, there’s a mode to sideload unsupported apps to Windows 11, akin to however you tin instal third-party apps connected your Android phone.

You’ll request a fewer things to propulsion this off. First, you’ll request to beryllium successful the Windows 11 Insider Program and person the Windows Subsystem for Android app installed. You tin find retired much accusation astir joining the beta from Microsoft’s announcement blogpost.

Second, you’ll request to instal Android Debug Bridge (ADB) connected your PC. We person a guide for installing ADB connected Windows 10, and the process carries implicit to Windows 11.

Third, you request the APK files for the apps you privation to install. You tin find these from trusted sources similar APK Mirror, APKPure, F-Droid, Github, oregon the XDA Developer forums. Just marque definite you download morganatic files (meaning non-pirated) from websites you cognize are safe. Bootleg APKs tin beryllium riddled with malware oregon hosted connected unsafe domains, and downloading pirated bundle is, y’know, illegal.

Finally, you whitethorn besides request to sideload the MicroG APK successful bid to usage apps that cheque for Google Play Services verification. MicroG is open-source bundle that fundamentally replicates Google’s services truthful you tin usage apps connected different unsupported devices. This is an optional step, and you’ll person to instal MicroG utilizing the steps below, but it’s indispensable if you privation to tally immoderate Google apps oregon apps that beryllium connected Play Store verification.

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With those prereqs retired of the way, let’s get those apps sideloaded. It whitethorn look analyzable astatine archetypal glance, but it’s beauteous speedy to propulsion disconnected erstwhile you cognize the process.

  1. To start, unfastened the Windows Subsystem for Android from the Windows 11 Start paper nether the “All Apps” section.
  2. In the Windows Subsystem for Android mounting window, find and crook connected “Developer Mode.”
  3. Open the “Files” window astatine the apical of the settings paper to unfastened Android connected your PC.
  4. Back successful the settings menu, scroll down and click “Refresh” adjacent to the IP Address enactment (it’s close beneath the Developer mode toggle). Once the IP Address appears, click “Copy.”
  5. Next, unfastened Windows Terminal arsenic an admin. Go to Start Menu > All Apps. Hover your rodent cursor implicit “Windows Terminal” past prime More > Run arsenic administrator.
  6. In the Windows Terminal window, benignant the bid adb link (IP address) utilizing the IP code from steps 4 and 5. It should look similar adb link 1234.5.6.7
  7. Press Enter to tally the command. If everything worked, you should see “connected to [IP address].” We tin present sideload APK files saved connected your machine to tally connected Windows Subsystem for Android.
  8. Back successful the Windows Terminal window, benignant the bid adb install followed by the folder pathway and filename successful quotation marks. For example, the afloat bid whitethorn look similar adb instal “C:\com.whatsapp_2.21.21.15-212115005_minAPI16(x86_64)(nodpi)”
  9. If everything is correct, you’ll spot “Performing Streamed Install” successful Windows Terminal erstwhile the installation is started, and “Success” erstwhile it’s complete.

And that’s it. The app is present installed connected your PC. Like different Android apps, you tin tally sideloaded apps from the Windows 11 Start Menu. They volition beryllium listed nether “all apps.” Double click to tally the app and it volition unfastened successful its ain app window.

If for immoderate crushed the app isn’t working, effort installing MicroG arsenic recommended above. Or, you tin effort running the app done an Android emulator connected Windows instead.

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