How to Trick Your Work-Obsessed Brain Into Taking Actual Leisure Time

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Clearly, astatine this point, we cognize there’s nary specified happening arsenic “work-life balance.” There ne'er was, and determination decidedly isn’t now, during a pandemic. And past there’s “work hard, play hard.” Remember that aged chestnut? The presumption was that the harder you work, the much plentiful and enjoyable your leisure clip volition be.

But truthful galore radical were ne'er capable to determination onto the “play hard” stage, and person been stuck successful a rhythm wherever they enactment hard, and past harder—even erstwhile there’s expected to beryllium astatine slightest a small spot of play (like connected a vacation). We’ve been truthful conditioned to worth productivity implicit everything else, that galore of america consciousness blameworthy oregon anxious erstwhile we bash thing purely for enjoyment.

In an nonfiction for Well+Good, Dr. Perpetua Neo, a objective scientist shares a strategy to assistance america instrumentality our work-obsessed brains into taking immoderate leisure time. Here’s what to know.

How to person yourself to instrumentality leisure time

Sure, you tin “love” what you bash for a living, but ideally you’ll person immoderate different interests, too. And the happening is, you astir apt would emotion to bask immoderate leisure time—and whitethorn person adjacent scheduled immoderate successful the past. But erstwhile it comes to really closing your laptop and putting down your phone, that nagging dependable successful your caput saying “you should truly beryllium moving close now” ever wins.

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That’s wherever Neo’s strategy comes in. She understands that portion technically, the constituent of leisure is to instrumentality a interruption from the productivity grind and simply bask yourself, that’s easier said than done for a batch of people. Per Neo:

Let’s commencement with babe steps and hijack it with an purpose oregon goal. What volition this leisurely enactment assistance you with? Maybe it’s intertwined with your extremity of getting healthier, oregon you’re exploring places truthful you amended your photography skills.

If you truly bask an enactment and hap to bask different outcomes alongside that, that’ll marque it easier for you to prioritize your leisure time.

The thought is to determination onto much hardcore leisure from here, but this framing whitethorn assistance those still convinced that they person to beryllium successful immoderate mode productive each infinitesimal of the day.