How to Turn Off Annoying Command Responses on Your Google Home

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You usually privation a effect erstwhile asking your Google Home instrumentality a question. When you contented a command, however—say, telling your Google Assistant to crook connected the lights—you don’t truly request a vocalized answer. If you find it distracting erstwhile your Google Home responds retired large to each command, determination are a fewer ways you tin soundlessness these replies.

Change your Google Assistant’s code output

The champion mode to instrumentality attraction of Google bid responses is to alteration the Assistant’s effect settings, which you tin bash by opening the Google Home app connected your telephone and accessing the settings.

Under “All settings,” pat “Assistant voice.” Hit “Speech output,” and you’ll spot each your Google devices listed. Select the 1 you privation to alteration the settings for, past pat “Hands-free only.” Google Assistant volition show responses connected your phone with this enactment on, but it won’t accidental them retired loud.

You whitethorn besides spot options labeled “Full,” “Brief,” oregon “None.” If you take “Brief,” Google Assistant volition inactive respond retired large to your commands, but the responses volition beryllium shorter. Selecting “None” volition crook them disconnected entirely.

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How to make customized commands connected your Google Assistant

If that doesn’t enactment for you, you tin effort a workaround utilizing customized Google commands with IFTTT. This process tin beryllium a hassle, but it tin beryllium helpful:

  1. Go to and motion successful oregon motion up.
  2. Click “Search” and hunt for “Google Assistant.”
  3. Click “Google Assistant,” past “Connect.”
  4. Enter the details of your Google relationship that you usage for your Google Home.
  5. After connecting your account, click “New Applet” nether your username.
  6. Click “this.”
  7. Click “Google Assistant.”
  8. Fill successful the trigger fields for nevertheless you privation to power the command, past click “Create trigger.”
  9. Click “that.”
  10. Choose the enactment you privation it to complete.
  11. Put thing but a abstraction for the effect section.
  12. Click “Create action,” past “Finish.”

After that, you tin usage your customized Google commands to power your Google Home similar normal, but putting conscionable a abstraction successful the effect conception volition marque definite the Assistant doesn’t accidental thing erstwhile pursuing the command.

How to set oregon crook disconnected “Hey Google”

If you person an contented with Google Assistant responding erstwhile it shouldn’t, you tin set your “Hey Google” settings. First, unfastened the Google Home app and prime the instrumentality successful question.

Tap “Device settings,” past “Audio,” past “Hey Google sensitivity.” From there, you tin set however delicate the dependable designation is. You should crook the sensitivity down if it’s responding to inheritance sound oregon different things that aren’t commands. If you privation to debar dependable commands entirely, find the microphone fastener connected the backmost of your Google Home and conscionable crook that off.