How to turn stale cake into Danish truffles – recipe | Waste not

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Cake’s comparatively abbreviated support beingness means it goes adust and unpalatable adjacent earlier it goes wholly off. The Danes’ reply to this occupation are romkugler, oregon zero-waste rum truffles made from leftover cake, jam and rum that are sold successful astir each bakery successful Denmark, and prevention an unquantifiable magnitude of barroom from going to waste.

Trine Hahnemann, chef, nutrient writer and proprietor of the Hahnemanns Køkken bakery and cafe successful Copenhagen, tells maine more: “In my bakery, we ne'er propulsion retired immoderate cakes. All the cakes that are excessively aged to sell, we prevention and freeze, and then, erstwhile a week, we enactment them successful the blender and mash up to marque romkugler. We merchantability truthful galore that sometimes I don’t person capable leftovers.”

Romkugler tin beryllium made with immoderate leftover barroom and fortified with oats oregon rye flakes. The jam isn’t essential, but it adds sweetness and helps the truffle instrumentality together. Rum is the accepted tone of choice, but successful world immoderate volition do, depending connected what you person successful your cupboard. I similar to rotation my romkugler successful some cocoa and desiccated coconut, truthful you get a substance of achromatic ones and brownish ones.

Romkugler (rum truffles made from leftover cake)

Romkugler are a large illustration of zero-waste wrong accepted cooking. This thrifty Danish-inspired look converts stale barroom into delicious, affluent and pleasurable truffles. They marque large gifts oregon late-night treats, and tin beryllium made with immoderate leftover cake, including Christmas cake.

300g leftover barroom and/or Danish pastries
30g oats
, oregon rye flakes (optional)
2 tbsp jam, oregon marmalade
2 tbsp rum, oregon different spirit
1 tbsp cocoa powder, positive 3 tbsp other for rolling
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
3 tbsp coconut flakes

Pulse blend the barroom and oats, if using, into a good crumb. Add the jam,rum, the tablespoonful of cocoa pulverization and vanilla extract, if using, past pulse blend again until combined. Roll the premix into 30g balls, past rotation the premix successful coconut flakes or/and cocoa – I similar to bash fractional and half, truthful you get a premix of achromatic and acheronian balls , past store – they’ll support successful a sealed instrumentality successful the fridge for 5 days oregon frost them for up to 3 months.