How to Use Window’s ‘Color Filters’ Accessibility Setting

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Many modern operating systems and apps see settings that marque them much accessible to users who are colorblind (or colour deficient)—here’s however you tin acceptable up these options successful the 4 astir caller versions of Windows: 11, 10, 8 and 7.

How to acceptable up Windows 11 oregon Windows 10 for colorblind users

Of each the versions of Windows inactive supported by Microsoft, some Windows 11 and 10 marque it easiest to configure your PC with a colorblind filter.

On some of these versions of Windows, colorblind enactment is tally done the “color filters” feature. You tin access this diagnostic successful 1 of 2 ways, either by opening the commencement paper and searching for “color filters” oregon by going Settings and selecting Ease of Access (“Accessibility” successful Windows 11), past selecting Color filters.

Once colour filters are active, 1 of the six disposable colour filters volition beryllium automatically applied. If you’ve ne'er utilized the diagnostic before, Windows volition default to activating the “Grayscale” colour filter.

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Windows 10 Setting for the colour  filters

The colour filters surface successful Windows 10.Screenshot: Shannon Flynn

In summation to Grayscale, you besides person the quality to prime 1 of 2 further colour filters oregon 1 of 3 colorblindness filters, for a full of six filter options. Currently, some Windows 10 and 11 connection a red-green (green weak/deuteranopia), red-green (red weak/protanopia) and blue-yellow (tritanopia) filter, successful summation to the 3 colour filter options.

The close filter volition beryllium connected your idiosyncratic needs. Around 8% of caucasian males person immoderate signifier of colorblindness which whitethorn impair their quality to separate reddish from different colors. For this conception of men with colorblindness, the protanopia oregon anemic red-green filter would enactment best.

Clicking immoderate of the filter options volition automatically acceptable it for your computer. If you privation a preview of however the filter volition look successful use, you tin usage the colour instrumentality astatine the bottommost of the colour filters leafage successful Windows 10, (or successful Windows 11, the colour instrumentality that appears astatine the apical of the page), on with a palette and representation that lucifer the wheel’s colors.

In Windows 10, you tin besides activate the shortcut for the colour filter portion connected this page, which is utile if you person an app that has its ain colorblindness settings you prefer. By default, the shortcut volition beryllium the Windows cardinal + Ctrl + C.

Accessibility options successful different versions of Windows

If you’re moving an earlier mentation of Windows, you inactive person options; however, you whitethorn beryllium constricted to conscionable changing the colors of your Windows theme. Both Windows 8 and Windows 7 person a precocious opposition mode that increases surface contrast, making antithetic colors easier to distinguish.

Windows 8

In Windows 8, you tin crook this mode connected oregon disconnected by navigating to SettingsEase of Access > High contrast. You tin toggle this mode connected oregon disconnected astatine immoderate clip utilizing the shortcut Alt + near Shift + Print Screen.

Windows 7

In Windows 7, the process looks similar. From the Control Panel, prime Ease of Access Center > Make the machine easier to see. With this menu, you tin activate High Contrast mode and prime a precocious opposition theme. Like successful Windows 8, you tin activate oregon deactivate High Contrast astatine immoderate clip with the shortcut Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen.

Other options to acceptable your PC for colour blindness

If the high-contrast themes disposable don’t supply what you’re looking for, you whitethorn find occurrence with a third-party app that provides filtering akin to what Windows 10 offers. Tools similar stand-alone apps Visolve oregon Firefox hold ColorBlindExt tin supply filters that whitethorn marque antithetic colors easier to separate for color-deficient users.

A increasing fig of apps and video games are besides opening to instrumentality colorblind features. Typically, if these features are available, you’ll beryllium capable to entree them done the video oregon accessibility conception of the app’s settings menu.