How we met: ‘I sat down beside her on a coach. Before the journey was over I’d asked her to marry me’

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When Andy boarded a Greyhound autobus with his person Steven successful the summertime of 1990, helium was disappointed to find determination was obscurity to beryllium together. They were successful the US for enactment meetings and had planned to walk other clip touring the country. “I’d been successful Orlando to motion a declaration to constitute and plan comic books,” helium says. “My buddy and I were going from Florida to Montana, past connected to San Diego for Comic Con.” He recovered a escaped spot adjacent to Becky, who was taking her children location connected the autobus from Disney World.

As helium approached, Becky reluctantly removed her belongings from the spare seat. “I had hoped cipher would beryllium there,” she admits. “A creepy feline successful beforehand had started talking to maine and bothering me. He kept asking wherefore I didn’t person a husband. I conscionable wanted to beryllium near alone.”

At first, she didn’t talk to Andy, but, erstwhile they stopped astatine a fast-food restaurant, she asked if helium would ticker her 2 boys portion she went to the bathroom.

“We got backmost connected the roadworthy and I overheard the feline successful beforehand making a truly crass comment,” says Andy. “I grabbed Becky’s manus and told him we had conscionable got engaged and to permission america alone.” After defending her, helium noticed they were inactive holding hands. “That was the icebreaker for america to get chatting,” helium says. “I’d ne'er met an American pistillate earlier and was precise funny successful her life. I drew immoderate pictures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for her kids.”

Once they started talking, they recovered they couldn’t stop. “Andy is from Glasgow and I truly liked his accent,” says Becky. Around 10 hours into the journey, it struck Andy that helium mightiness ne'er spot her again aft his trip. “Out of the blue, I asked her what she’d accidental if I asked her to wed maine astatine Christmas successful Scotland.” Her reply was yes and they shared their archetypal kiss.

When they reached Chicago, Becky got a transportation backmost to Moline, Illinois, wherever she lived with her children. Andy took her telephone fig earlier helium and Steven continued to their destination. As soon arsenic helium reached Billings, Montana, helium realised helium wanted to spot Becky again. “I rang her consecutive distant and asked if I could enactment for a fewer days.”

Although helium felt blameworthy astir leaving Steven to question connected unsocial astatine the property of 17, helium couldn’t defy spending much clip with Becky. “I was truthful excited erstwhile helium called,” she says. “His enactment was similar a whirlwind but we had a large clip together.”

After the visit, Andy went location to Glasgow but they stayed successful interaction via telephone calls. In November, helium asked if she would similar to spell retired to meal – and made plans to alert retired a fewer days later. “When I told my mum I was marrying this feline I met connected the autobus she didn’t judge me. But erstwhile she met him, she truly liked him,” says Becky. Andy says his parents were besides shocked astatine first. “Nobody ever believes it’s existent due to the fact that it’s specified a brainsick story,” helium says, laughing.

Despite different people’s doubts, Becky flew to Scotland astatine Christmas and the 2 were joined a fewer days later. “My household and friends came, everyone was truly blessed for us,” helium says.

Andy moved to Moline, wherever their girl was calved successful 1993. “When we archetypal met, we talked astir giving our kid 26 names – 1 for each missive of the alphabet. When she arrived, that’s what we did and she was successful the section newspaper,” says Andy.

Three years later, the mates moved to Iowa, earlier settling successful Minnesota successful 1999. Andy is present an accountant and a writer, portion Becky works for the Red Cross. “To person idiosyncratic attraction astir maine arsenic overmuch arsenic helium does is thing I treasure,” says Becky. “I emotion that helium encourages maine to effort caller things. He knows maine truthful well.” Andy appreciates the spot and enactment she offers him. “Becky is highly compassionate and astute arsenic hell. She makes maine a amended person.”