How we met: ‘She tripped and I caught her before she hit the ground’

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In 1997, Hayley was enjoying azygous beingness aft a divorce, and had nary volition of settling down. She worked for a tech institution successful San Francisco and loved spending her escaped clip with friends. One play successful August, she booked a travel to Los Angeles to sojourn the Hollywood Bowl. There were nary assigned seats connected the flight, and she was separated from her friends during boarding. “I ran to drawback up with them,” she says. “There was a bottleneck successful the gangway truthful I was trying to weave my mode through.” All of a sudden, she tripped.

“I caught her earlier she deed the ground,” says Sean, who was surviving successful Santa Rosa and moving successful communications astatine the time. “I’d already noticed her astatine the check-in and thought she was cute.” She thanked him for breaking her autumn and past disappeared into the crowd. “My friends started making jokes astir women falling astatine my feet,”

Hayley and Sean connected  their wedding time  successful  1998 successful  Sausalito, California
Hayley and Sean connected their wedding time successful 1998 successful Sausalito, California

After they landed astatine Hollywood Burbank airport, helium spotted her again successful the baggage reclaim hall. “I was successful LA for the play to spell to a amusement astatine the House of Blues,” helium says. “Even though I knew tickets were sold out, I had this impulse to inquire her if she wanted to travel along.” Since helium had nary thought what helium would person done had she agreed, helium was somewhat relieved to perceive she had different plans. They parted ways, ne'er expecting to spot each different again.

But, a fewer days later, they recovered they were some taking the aforesaid instrumentality flight. “I spotted her speechmaking a publication astatine the airdrome and she smiled astatine me,” says Sean. When they landed, Hayley asked for his number. “I’d already scribbled it down connected an aged mag leafage connected the flight,” helium says.

Hayley gave him a telephone a fewer days aboriginal and they arranged to conscionable successful Tiburon, a municipality midway betwixt their homes. “He showed up successful a suit with flowers and I was gone,” she says. “He reminded maine of Cary Grant.” They went for meal but were excessively engaged chatting to devour much. Sean discovered that Hayley had been calved successful England, and lived successful Germany for respective years earlier settling successful California astatine the property of 19. “I was fascinated by her beingness and she was funny successful maine arsenic well. I was smitten consecutive away,” helium says.

Hayley and Sean successful  Hawaii past  month
‘We were precisely what each different needed’ … Hayley and Sean successful Hawaii past month

They enjoyed a fewer much dates, but past Hayley began to person doubts. “It was moving precise accelerated and I enjoyed being single. I’d met his friends excessively and they were rather antithetic to mine,” she says. “I was travelling to Canada successful September, truthful it gave maine clip to think.” When she returned, she went for meal with Sean and they realised they wanted to springiness things a go. “We’d met idiosyncratic who was our other but we were precisely what each different needed,” she says. “He needed to subdivision retired and I needed to dilatory down.”

They joined the pursuing year, and had 2 daughters, calved successful 1999 and 2010. The mates person lived successful antithetic parts of California and present divided their clip betwixt Santa Rosa and San Francisco. At times they person had to header with wildfires. “The 1 successful 2020 came close up to our location and took retired 2 of our neighbours’ homes, which was truly scary,” says Hayley. They are some grateful they had each different for enactment during the crisis.

“When we met, I loved travelling and Sean was a tiny municipality guy,” says Hayley. “What I emotion astir our lives is that we person combined the champion of both. We inactive consciousness the aforesaid mode astir each different arsenic we did backmost successful 1997.”

Sean appreciates that Hayley ever looks retired for the champion interests of their family. “She’s super-nurturing and a fantastic mother. After each this time, determination are inactive things I americium learning astir her.”

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