Hubble Space Telescope image shows galaxies merge 671M light-years away

2 months ago 19

Scientists astatine NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) released an representation connected Friday showcasing a brace of merging galaxies. 

The postulation merger, known arsenic Arp-Madore 417-391, is located 671 cardinal light-years distant successful the constellation Eridanus. 

Captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, it is the effect of 2 galaxies that were distorted by gravity and twisted unneurotic into a ring.

Their cores were near nestled broadside by side.

The scope utilized its Advanced Camera for Surveys to drawback this country and the ESA said that the instrumentality is optimized to hunt for galaxies and postulation clusters in the past universe. 

The Arp-Madore catalog is a postulation of unusual galaxies dispersed across the confederate sky. 

The photograph comes from a selection of Hubble observations that are designed to make a database of intriguing targets for follow-up observations with the international James Webb Space Telescope and different ground-based telescopes.

Astronomers chose a database of antecedently unobserved galaxies for Hubble to inspect.