Hugh Grant’s ‘Love Actually’ bachelor pad can be yours

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Hugh Grant’s erstwhile London penthouse is up for merchantability again aft a hefty $2.8 cardinal terms cut.

Pegged arsenic the “ultimate bachelor pad” wherever Grant, 61, lived portion filming the iconic rom-com “Love Actually,” the location is present connected merchantability for $11 million.

Known arsenic the Petersham House, the three-bedroom abode successful South Kensington was initially listed successful 2019 for $13.8 million.

Grant resided successful the location successful 2002 but sold the spot a twelvemonth aboriginal for $4.8 cardinal due to the fact that helium thought the pad was excessively high-profile for him, according to SWNS.

Spanning implicit 3,000 quadrate feet, with floor-to-ceiling solid windows, the open-floor penthouse was said to beryllium excessively ostentatious for “The Undoing” actor, who is notoriously publicity-shy.

Situated connected the seventh level of the building, amenities see a blistery tub connected the roof, a backstage gym, 2 ample impermanent bedrooms and an expansive superior suite.

The foyer.The eating area. Alexander Millett / SWNS
Hallways starring  to the rooms.The foyer. Alexander Millett / SWNS
A presumption    of the unfastened  level  plan.A presumption of the unfastened level plan. Alexander Millett / SWNS
The surviving  area.The surviving area. Alexander Millett / SWNS
The foyer.The foyer. Alexander Millett / SWNS
The rooftop with a blistery  tub.The rooftop with a blistery tub. Alexander Millett / SWNS
The superior   ensuite bedroom.The superior ensuite bedroom. Alexander Millett / SWNS
The superior   ensuite bathroom.The superior ensuite bathroom. Alexander Millett / SWNS
The superior   ensuite dressing room.The superior ensuite dressing room. Alexander Millett / SWNS

Other features see 2 main terraces extending implicit 1,500 quadrate feet, a dressing country and nonstop elevator entree starring to the reception room, according to the listing.

Alexander Millet holds the listing, telling SWNS the flash pad holds “stunning panoramic views implicit London.”