Huntington Beach City Manager to Serve in Irvine

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Mayor of Irvine Farrah Khan leads an Irvine City Council gathering  astatine  Irvine City Hall connected  Oct. 26, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Mayor of Irvine Farrah Khan leads an Irvine City Council gathering astatine Irvine City Hall connected Oct. 26, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

After 2 years arsenic Huntington Beach’s metropolis manager, Oliver Chi is acceptable to power implicit to Irvine for the aforesaid occupation title.

The City of Irvine announced Nov. 3 that they mean to name Chi arsenic their City Manager, a presumption presently held by Interim City Manager Marianna Marysheva, which she has held since 2020.

“While I americium profoundly honored that the City of Irvine is considering my appointment, I can’t statesman to picture what a genuine privilege it has been for maine to service Huntington Beach these past 2 years,” Chi said successful a statement.

“I person been truthful blessed to person had the accidental to enactment with Mayor Carr and an outstanding squad of thoughtful City Council Members. … In reflecting backmost connected the past fewer years, I bash consciousness specified immense pridefulness astatine what we person been capable to bash together.”

Chi is acceptable to beryllium formally hired aft a ballot astatine Irvine’s Nov. 9 metropolis assembly meeting.

After being formally voted in, Chi volition beryllium Irvine’s sixth metropolis manager and person a wage of $301,246 per year, a leap from the $260,000 helium made successful Huntington Beach.

Chi was chosen owed to his 22 years of authorities acquisition astatine the authorities and section level and has been credited with accomplishing a fig of goals during his word astatine Huntington Beach, including the improvement of Be Well OC, addressing homelessness, instituting sustainability initiatives, establishing lodging programs, and more.

“Oliver has done tremendous enactment for the City of Huntington Beach,” said Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr. “Thanks to Oliver’s leadership, we find our City successful a fund surplus and stronger than we were successful the past. Oliver’s enactment has been captious successful overcoming COVID, civilian unrest, and astir recently, the lipid spill. While I volition greatly miss Oliver successful Huntington Beach, I person nary uncertainty helium volition bash fantastic things for the City of Irvine.”

The Huntington Beach City Council volition beryllium holding a closed league gathering Nov. 16 to find however to find their adjacent metropolis manager, arsenic good arsenic to name an acting metropolis manager for the clip being.

Chi has ensured that helium volition bash everything helium tin to coordinate a creaseless modulation process.

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