‘I could count all its teeth’: Italian couple find burglar is endangered brown bear

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An Italian pistillate who investigated what she thought was a burglar connected her balcony, has described a petrifying brushwood with a uncommon brownish bear.

The Marsican carnivore had climbed connected to her chamber balcony successful Pescosolido, a colony successful the Lazio state of Frosinone, conscionable days aft a carnivore was spotted bathing successful the fountain of a neighbouring village.

Annalisa Castagna and her husband, Claudio Parravano, came face-to-face with the carnivore connected Sunday night. The Marsican is simply a critically endangered subspecies of the brownish carnivore surviving successful the Apennine mountains that straddle Italy’s Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise regions.

The mates initially thought determination was a burglar connected their first-floor balcony aft proceeding noises soon aft midnight, and stepped extracurricular to investigate, utilizing the airy of their mobile phones.

“I practically screamed successful the look of the bear,” Castagna wrote successful a Facebook station shared with the online community group Sei di Pescosolido se. “The carnivore snarled backmost astatine maine and tried to scope maine with its paw. In the dim airy of the mobile phone, I was capable to number each its teeth and spot its reddish tongue.”

Castagna leapt backmost inside, portion Parravano threw himself implicit the balcony to flight the animal, causing insignificant injuries. The carnivore fled, leaving its faeces connected the balcony.

“The carnivore was surely frightened, perchance adjacent much than we were,” said Castagna. “The fearfulness was large and we convey God [nothing happened]. We inquire our chap Pescosolido citizens to beryllium cautious … and we anticipation those successful complaint volition guarantee that the carnivore returns to its earthy situation without being harmed.”

The brushwood came a fewer days aft a Marsican brownish carnivore took a dip successful the fountain of the main quadrate successful San Donato Val di Comino, a adjacent colony of astir 1,200 residents wherever bears person occasionally been sighted connected the streets.

A resident, Vania Tramontozzi, took photos and shared them with the Facebook group, Visit San Donato Val di Comino.

“My hubby is the manager of the barroom close by the square,” Tramontozzi told Kodami, a website for quality astir animals. “Seeing the carnivore truthful quiescent and relaxed successful the fountain, astatine astir 7.45pm, erstwhile determination were immoderate radical around, was precise emotional.”

Both villages are adjacent to the immense nationalist parkland of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, location to the endangered Marsican bears, of which lone an estimated 50 are left.

The animals thin to task into inhabited areas much betwixt September and November, but are not known to beryllium assertive towards humans.

A spokesperson for the nationalist park, Daniela D’Amico, said: “Experts from the nationalist parkland went to Pescosolido contiguous to amended recognize what happened connected Sunday night, but it is simply a small unusual to perceive that the carnivore managed to ascent connected to the balcony.”

Marsican bears that gravitate towards towns successful hunt of nutrient during the autumn are either females with cubs oregon young bears, she said. “Bears are opportunistic and travel their stomachs … successful this play they request to devour a batch successful bid to look the winter.”

She added: “It’s not that they’re malnourished. There is abundant nutrient successful the mountains. But staying successful the mountains is risky for the young, who volition person to stock their territory and nutrient with big bears, and for pistillate bears, who are astatine hazard of antheral bears sidesplitting their cubs, forcing the pistillate backmost into heat.”

In 2019, the Italian subdivision of the World Wildlife Fund warned that the Marsican brownish carnivore faced extinction. The colonisation has dwindled during the past 25 years, with 63% of carnivore deaths attributed to amerciable hunting oregon being deed by vehicles.