I do not want children, but my boyfriend (and his mother) feel differently

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I americium a pistillate successful my mid-20 who does not privation children. I americium sick of radical telling maine that I volition alteration my caput oregon that I don’t recognize oregon that I americium excessively young to know, erstwhile it is simply a determination I person thought done for years and is wholly successful enactment with my beingness goals and desires.

I person been with my existent spouse for respective years, I emotion him and we some spot a aboriginal together. Naturally, helium wants children. His parent has adjacent told maine that I “must person kids”.

I americium starting to resign myself to the information that I volition person to person children if I privation a aboriginal with him. I’ve discussed this with him aggregate times and helium is precise alert of my stance. For the infinitesimal we are ignoring the issue, but it is thing that I person predominant anxiousness about. Is it incorrect of maine to prioritise my ain wishes implicit his?

Eleanor says: It’s a beauteous hard and accelerated rule: don’t deliberately person kids unless you truly privation to.

I cognize you cognize that. You dependable steadfast successful your determination and arrogant of the mode you made it. But it besides sounds similar maintaining that prime successful beforehand of others makes you consciousness selfish – arsenic you wrote, similar you’re prioritising your wishes implicit his.

I wonderment whether you could marque your presumption look little arbitrary successful their eyes by pointing retired that this prime isn’t conscionable betwixt you, your partner, and – successful her caput astatine slightest – his mother. The idiosyncratic astir affected by your determination present is the kid you’d bring into the world, and the big they’d become.

Kids tin archer erstwhile their parents resent them. They mightiness not recognize the concepts of “pregnancy” oregon “reluctance” oregon “compromise” yet, but a hazy mentation of the information seeps done to them successful what their genitor doesn’t say; the joyousness they don’t see. It’s the benignant of happening that snakes astir a bosom and makes a psychic coiled that lasts good into adulthood.

Of course, determination are galore radical who accidentally go parents and crook retired to emotion it. But anyone who asks you to person kids – contempt the mode you consciousness – is asking you to gamble with different person’s life. They’re asking you to hazard creating idiosyncratic whose genitor doesn’t truly privation them. If your spouse and his parent truly worth kids, they should attraction astir that possibility. That should beryllium a outgo of mistake that matters precise much.

So if your spouse oregon his parent attack this treatment arsenic though you’re conscionable plugging your ears and saying “I said so”, you mightiness beryllium capable to reclaim immoderate gravitas by pointing retired that you’re not the lone idiosyncratic you person successful mind. This isn’t conscionable your wishes against his; it’s the wishes of the idiosyncratic they’re asking you to make.

That does permission you with the occupation that you and your spouse mightiness inactive privation antithetic things. Just arsenic you’re allowed to clasp connected to your decision, he’s allowed to prosecute his. If you person genuinely incompatible visions of however beingness looks erstwhile it’s going well, it volition beryllium hard to marque a semipermanent narration consciousness similar a communal solemnisation alternatively of similar someone’s sacrifice.

But I don’t deliberation that means you person to unit the question conscionable now. All you tin bash is beryllium clear. If you’ve said you don’t privation kids, and you haven’t misled him into reasoning you mightiness waver, helium tin marque a determination astatine his ain gait astir whether to stay.

I won’t unreal there’s nary accidental he’ll leave. That mightiness beryllium an anxiousness you can’t get escaped of. But the relationships we person successful our mid-twenties are the beginning, not the end, of the radical we tin love. There volition beryllium galore much breathtaking futures to imagine, and galore much mothers-in-law to resent. The lone heartbreak truly worthy avoiding is the 1 that comes from betraying yourself. Don’t person kids unless you truly privation to.

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