I found a secret list on Facebook that was tracking everywhere I go online

2 months ago 55

A pistillate has warned Facebook users to wide their Facebook past successful a viral TikTok video.

The clip explains however to presumption your “Off-Facebook Activity”, which shows which apps Facebook has been tracking you to.

TikToker user @skillsoverpolitic said: “Facebook is tracking each app that you visit.”

“If you bash online banking, they’re tracking erstwhile you click connected your banking online app done your phone.”

She past goes onto explicate that she was “tripping” successful daze erstwhile she saw this.

To spot your ain Off-Facebook Activity you request to spell to Settings connected the app, find Your Facebook Information and past click connected “Off-Facebook Activity”.

The TikToker past explains however to wide each the off-platform app accusation that Facebook has been tracking.

That’s casual to bash arsenic you conscionable click “Clear History”.

A connection should popular up saying “Your enactment has been cleared”.

The apps that person antecedently been listed successful the conception should disappear.

The TikToker past directs users to the More Options button.

Here, you tin download the accusation collected astir you oregon negociate immoderate aboriginal information collection.