‘I have a hunch I was left damaged’: what would a scan reveal about my brain?

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I’ve had doubts astir the aged grey substance for a agelong time. Fifty 1 years to beryllium exact. And now, astatine the property of 60, those doubts are increasing. When I was a young boy, my encephalon took a beating. I had been an A1 swot until past – loved school, was a speedy learner, and was ace independent. At the property of nine, I was racing astir the neighbourhood connected my motorcycle delivering messages and cakes for my mum. I was fearless. Nothing fazed me. Bury Old Road successful Salford was my Route 66 – I’d alert down it connected my Chopper, upwind successful my hair, embracing the freedom.

Then 1 time I woke up with a burning headache, precocious temperature, and an aversion to airy and sound (actually beauteous overmuch each sound). I lived overmuch of the adjacent 2 years successful darkness. I felt arsenic if my caput had caved in, that I was detached from my body, and regressed to a small lad who conscionable wanted to play with babe toys. It was the champion portion of a twelvemonth earlier I was diagnosed with encephalitis – inflammation of the encephalon – a comparatively uncommon but unsafe condition. One successful 10 radical are inactive estimated to dice from it, and backmost past misdiagnosis was common.

‘I’m 1  of the fortunate  ones’ … Simon astatine  location  successful  Manchester, aged 11
‘I’m 1 of the fortunate ones’ … Simon astatine location successful Manchester, aged 11. Photograph: Courtesy of Simon Hattenstone

My caput was opened and a biopsy was taken of my encephalon that showed I had encephalitis. At the clip I was told by the doctors that they were going to person “a small look inside”. I conjecture if they’d told maine they were going to chopped a small spot of encephalon retired it mightiness person enactment maine off. Having said that, fixed however I was feeling astatine the time, I mightiness good person begged them to chop retired the full lot.

When I yet returned to a regular schoolhouse 3 years later, I was regarded arsenic a spot of a occurrence kid successful aesculapian circles. The experts didn’t cognize however I’d had encephalitis for truthful agelong without popping my clogs. They labelled it “low-grade” chronic viral encephalitis due to the fact that if it had been thing much I couldn’t person survived implicit that play of time. But it couldn’t person felt little low-grade.

My encephalon made a bully recovery, but I came retired of it a precise antithetic person. This isn’t uncommon. I’ve been an ambassador of the Encephalitis Society for galore years, and everybody I’ve spoken to who’s had it says the aforesaid thing. They person had 2 lives, earlier enceph and after. Encephalitis tends to alteration you socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically. Many radical travel retired of it not being capable to unrecorded independently. Hearing, memory, code and connection problems, equilibrium and coordination are immoderate of the areas that tin beryllium affected. Other communal consequences are epilepsy and depression.

I’m 1 of the fortunate ones. I went connected to unrecorded a afloat life. And erstwhile you’re truthful lucky, it’s tempting to accidental determination person been nary semipermanent effects. But that isn’t true. After encephalitis, I had unspeakable headaches for decades, and person had lifelong depression.

Unsurprisingly, my encephalon had ne'er been examined earlier encephalitis. But, amazingly, it has ne'er been examined since.

Magnetic resonance imaging was archetypal utilized successful a objective mounting successful August 1980 astatine Aberdeen Royal Infirmary – 7 years aft I returned to school. It transformed neurology, allowing a overmuch clearer and much precise representation of the grey and achromatic substance that makes up our brain. If I contracted encephalitis now, I’d person MRIs galore to show however my encephalitis was progressing and semipermanent effects. But successful the 1970s, they conscionable drilled a hole, poked around, extracted a spot of cerebral gunge. If they discovered viral encephalitis, they crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

I person a hunch that definite areas of my encephalon were near damaged. Post-encephalitis, that consciousness of absorption I’d been truthful arrogant of arsenic a young lad was kaput, and I was rubbish astatine uncovering my way. I’d besides go spectacularly atrocious astatine pursuing coordination instructions, and mirroring carnal actions. It was much analyzable than conscionable having atrocious coordination, though. I could thatch myself to bash loads of footwear ups with a shot and was world-class astatine diving similar a goalkeeper to drawback peanuts successful my mouth, but I couldn’t replicate a creation move.

There’s different happening I deliberation my encephalon mislaid aft encephalitis – my consciousness of the past and the future. Not lone tin I retrieve precise small from beingness earlier the illness, but I tin besides retrieve precise small from my past afloat stop. As for the future, I conscionable don’t person a consciousness of it, and ne'er person since enceph – nary dreams, nary fears. I number this arsenic a blessing. It stops maine worrying astir worldly that I astir apt can’t bash overmuch astir anyway. It’s not that I don’t worry; I bash intensely – successful the present. But not being haunted by your past oregon petrified by the aboriginal makes beingness a batch easier.

For years, I person discussed having an MRI scan with Prof Tom Solomon, a salient neurologist who is president of the Encephalitis Society, to spot what authorities my encephalon is really successful and whether my theories astir my encephalon bespeak the reality. We’ve ne'er got circular to it, but precocious my headaches person been getting worse and I’ve developed a facial tic underneath my eye, which feels arsenic if my near feature has decided to crook itself into a hugely distracting stopclock. My GP refers maine to Solomon astatine Liverpool’s Walton Centre, the UK’s lone specializer NHS instauration spot dedicated to neurosciences.

As I hold for the referral, I bash an audit connected what I bash to support my caput healthy. I’ve ne'er been large astatine looking aft myself, and that goes for the encephalon too. I’ve been connected antidepressants for astir 30 years. A mates of years agone I went connected much blase ones aft a crack-up pursuing a agelong carnal illness. They springiness maine shocking nightmares, but it is worthy paying that terms for the comparatively calm days they’re allowing maine to have. After my caller illness, I’ve started moving again. That has ever helped my encephalon – the earthy serotonin buzz is wonderful. I’m reasoning astir what I devour these days – much food than successful the past, adjacent oily food similar mackerel connected a bully day. It is an betterment connected the fractional twelve Creme Eggs, masses of chickenhearted tikka masala and 20 Bensons that made up my fare successful the aged days. I besides portion little intoxicant than before.

‘Running has ever  helped my brain.’
‘Running has ever helped my brain.’ Photograph: Joe McGorty

One happening that I deliberation does support my encephalon steadfast is my work. As a writer you are perpetually learning caller things; becoming an instant adept successful thing you whitethorn not person heard astir a week before. Even if I’m blagging, learning capable astir economics to situation the politician of the Bank of England, oregon the situation to not look a full dunderhead to Greta Thunberg, indispensable nourish the neurons.

My referral comes done astatine the Walton conscionable arsenic my twitch is getting worse. I cognize it tin beryllium a motion of a encephalon tumour. Because the MRI is successful the contiguous alternatively than weeks away, I commencement to actively worry.

Solomon asks maine a bid of questions astir my lifestyle. What clip bash I spell to bed? Often astir 2am, I say. He tells maine that is ridiculous. Coffee? Loads of it, and sometimes conscionable earlier bedtime. Coffee tin origin you to twitch, helium says. Exercise? Tick. Smoking? I gave up ages ago. Tick. Alcohol and diet? Half a tick each.

Wearing a gown I prevarication connected a motorised bed, which slides into the achromatic scanning tunnel. Despite earplugs to stifle the dependable of the scanner, the sound is astonishing – a symphony of beeps, chirps, chugs, clicks and knocks that the maestro of cacophonous composing Karlheinz Stockhausen would person been arrogant to telephone his own. But determination is thing strangely meditative astir it all. Although the sound is horrible, I travel retired feeling pleasantly stoned, similar I’ve conscionable had a prime caput rub.

And present for the infinitesimal of truth. I’m funny astir whether the encephalitis has near its people connected my encephalon and disquieted astir what the facial twitch mightiness mean. Solomon and advisor neuroradiologist Maneesh Bhojak are flicking done aggregate images of my brain, talking astir grey substance (good), achromatic substance (good), and agleam achromatic areas (maybe not truthful good). Depending connected the mode they portion it, my encephalon resembles a prowling lion, a heavyweight boxer and a screaming ghost.

“I tin spot tiny spots of damage,” says Bhojak.

Solomon looks closely. “You’d spot those spots successful astir radical your age,” helium tells me.

Neuroradiologist Maneesh Bhojak (left) and Prof Tom Solomon present  their verdict.
Neuroradiologist Maneesh Bhojak (left) and Prof Tom Solomon present their verdict. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

“I can’t spot immoderate evident damage,” Bhojak says. Then helium stops. “Ah. You’ve ne'er had a caput wounded before?” helium asks. I shingle my head. “An accident?” Another shake. “This could beryllium portion of your parietal lobe that was damaged arsenic portion of your encephalitis.” He shows maine a achromatic blob.

“I’m pleased, due to the fact that to beryllium honorable I thought there’d beryllium a batch much damage,” says Solomon. “For a diligent who’s had encephalitis this isn’t a atrocious scan astatine all.”

Solomon points astatine the blob. “That is wherever we deliberation they went successful with the needle and took distant a spot of your encephalon to look astatine it. So that’s filled successful with fluid due to the fact that there’s nary encephalon insubstantial there.”

I consciousness weirdly emotional. There’s my biopsy, my past. The impervious that unopen the sceptics up. And you tin inactive spot it 50 years on.

And the twitch? They zoom successful connected the country that controls my near cheek. There’s thing to interest about. Phew.

Solomon shows maine a scan connected the net of idiosyncratic whose representation has been earnestly impaired by encephalitis. “That’s the medial temporal lobe wherever representation is kept. That’s each whittled distant due to the fact that they mislaid truthful galore neurons.” There is thing indicating representation nonaccomplishment connected my scan. “You astir apt did suffer neurons erstwhile you were unwell. Luckily, you didn’t suffer truthful galore neurons that it near you with nary short-term memory.” “The encephalon has an bonzer quality to remould itself, particularly erstwhile you’re young,” Bhojak says.

‘I consciousness   weirdly emotional’ … The encephalon  scan showing the tract  of his 1972 biopsy, bottommost  right.
‘I consciousness weirdly emotional’ … The encephalon scan showing the tract of his 1972 biopsy, bottommost right.

I inquire if it’s imaginable for an MRI to bespeak my mentation astir having small consciousness of the past and the future, but an aggravated consciousness of the present. No, says Bhojak, it fundamentally shows what’s moving and what isn’t. “People deliberation MRI scanning is fancy, but it’s not,” says Solomon. “It’s a beauteous crude instrumentality still. In a diligent with a batch of harm that earnestly affects their spatial consciousness we mightiness spot change. They would person ended up successful intensive care. Yours was much chronic and subtle.” Functional MRIs, a caller development, tin amusement america much astir however efficiently assorted functions are working.

Does helium deliberation what I’m saying astir having small consciousness of past and aboriginal is nonsense? “No. You bash get radical who are precise overmuch similar that. And representation difficulties are surely accordant with encephalitis.”

Solomon and I caput disconnected for a drink. My near cheek’s twitching again but I’m not bothered now. “Cut retired the caffeine,” Solomon says. “Try stopping for 3 months. And spell to furniture earlier.”

I telephone my spouse to archer her the bully news, and walk Solomon over. “There’s thing to interest about. We yet recovered it,” helium says. “His encephalon that is. It’s tiny, but astir perfectly formed.” I consciousness giddy with relief. So relieved that I let him his joke.