I’m desperate after being without a UK passport for 12 weeks

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I americium a 54-year-old Spaniard who precocious became a naturalised British national aft 25 years surviving successful England. In March I applied for my archetypal British passport.

I was required to nonstop my Spanish passport and naturalisation certificate arsenic supporting documentation. When I applied connected 21 March there was an mean processing clip of 5 to six weeks and a maximum hold of 10 weeks.

I person present been without a passport for 12 weeks and it is affecting my enactment arsenic an interpreter arsenic I americium incapable to instrumentality up paid jobs abroad. I was offered an duty successful Germany past week but couldn’t question and I had to cancel a vacation planned for the commencement of this month.

I person been trying desperately to resoluteness this and, implicit the past month, person spent hours connected the telephone to the Passport Office.

The unit are usually adjuvant and hold I should person received my passport by now. They connection to “expedite my file” oregon nonstop an email connected my behalf but thing changes; my online exertion has been listed arsenic “being processed” since 21 April.

I person explained galore times that I americium hopeless to person a passport truthful I tin question for work. I person suggested cancelling the exertion truthful I tin get my Spanish passport back, but they archer maine that mightiness instrumentality longer (three to 4 weeks) than waiting for my caller British one.

RP, London

Another communicative of passport hell. After penning to us, successful desperation, you decided to spell successful idiosyncratic to the Passport Office successful London, equipped with your level summons and grounds of a overseas assignment.

It worked and you person got your passport. It has been incredibly stressful and you recovered the passport proposal enactment to beryllium a discarded of clip and person begun a formal complaint.

HM Passport Office says that betwixt March and May 98.5% of applications were completed wrong 10 weeks.

“Since April 2021, we’ve intelligibly stated that radical should let up to 10 weeks erstwhile applying … the tiny percent of those that instrumentality longer should telephone the passport proposal enactment connected 0300 222 0000 if they request to person their exertion expedited,” it says.

Have you suffered a nonaccomplishment of net due to the fact that of a delayed passport application? Let america know.

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