Illegal Immigrant Who Started Fire That Killed 2 Given Whole Life Sentence

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An amerciable migrant from Uganda who acceptable occurrence to a artifact of flats successful the mediate of the night, sidesplitting 2 of his neighbours aft helium was served with an eviction notice, has been jailed for beingness by a British court.

Hakeem Kigundu, 32, pleaded blameworthy to 2 counts of murder, 2 counts of causing grievous bodily harm, and 1 number of arson with intent to endanger life, and connected Friday helium was sentenced astatine Reading Crown Court to a full beingness sentence, meaning helium volition ne'er beryllium released.

Judge Justice Holgate said, “I’m definite this was a premeditated onslaught made by the suspect successful revenge.”

The tribunal heard Kigundu was owed to beryllium evicted from his level astatine Rowe Court successful Reading, Berkshire, due to the fact that of complaints astir his anti-social behaviour, including playing large music.

But successful the aboriginal hours of Dec. 15, 2021, helium poured petrol each implicit the crushed level communal areas and acceptable it ablaze.

The occurrence killed Richard Burgess, 46, and Neil Morris, 45, and near 2 different residents with horrific, life-changing injuries.

Joel Richards suffered third-degree burns and Laura Wiggins suffered a punctured lung, a kidney haematoma, and fractures to her ribs, close arm, and spine.

Kigundu is believed to person entered Britain illegally, utilizing his brother’s passport.

Residents of Rowe Court had complained for respective months astir Kigundu’s behaviour, particularly him playing large euphony during the night.

His landlord served him an eviction announcement successful October and helium was owed to determination retired the time earlier the fire.

Epoch Times Photo Undated constabulary mugshot of Hakeem Kigundu, who acceptable occurrence to a artifact of flats successful Reading, Berkshire successful December 2021. (Thames Valley Police)

‘Experienced Fury Like Never Before’

On Thursday, authoritative Alison Morgan KC said Kigundu had mislaid his occupation arsenic a fibre optic technologist with British Telecom and  “experienced fury similar ne'er earlier which helium failed to suppress.”

The tribunal was played a voicenote connection Kigundu recorded six days earlier the occurrence successful which helium ranted and raged astir his predicament.

In the voicenote—which helium did not nonstop to anyone but was recovered connected his telephone by police—Kigundu said: “I privation to dice with a grin connected my look and I shall bash so. All the actions I americium astir to instrumentality are warranted, judge me. They each pb to this for a [expletive] who’s persistent. The lone cure for a [expletive] who’s persistent is decease and I americium going to springiness them that.”

He bought 40 litres of petrol, a long-reach lighter, a sledgehammer, a brace of protective goggles, and a “V for Vendetta mask.”

Morgan said: “Kigundu carried retired a premeditated and devastating onslaught successful the mode of arson, with the volition of sidesplitting and harming arsenic galore radical arsenic helium could. This lawsuit had been cautiously planned by him successful the days and weeks before, including sourcing important amounts of petrol.”

Kigundu: ‘Something I’m Starting to Regret’

The tribunal besides heard a 999 telephone that Kigundu made successful which helium said helium wanted to crook himself successful to police, adding: “Earlier contiguous I did thing I’m starting to regret.”

He went connected to archer the operator, “I don’t cognize if I had a mini-breakdown but I was conscionable filled with fury.”

Moments aboriginal helium was arrested by police.

Giving a unfortunate interaction connection successful court, Richards, who suffered burns to his hands, head, and look and suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder arsenic a effect of the fire, said: “On December 15, my beingness changed forever. At 3 a.m., what happened was terrorism, that’s however I’d picture it.”

He said aft being woken up by a neighbour helium soaked himself with h2o and past battled done the flames to rouse different nonmigratory and his large partner, who managed to escape.

Richard yet jumped from a second-floor window, and helium said erstwhile helium was extracurricular he saw Kigundu successful his car parked extracurricular the gathering and said helium was laughing.

In a unfortunate interaction connection work to the court, Wiggins said: “Every infinitesimal was hellhole that I ne'er privation to acquisition again. There was a clip erstwhile I was regretting jumping, reasoning I should person died. It truly was the worst clip of my beingness some physically and mentally.”

On Friday Kigundu work retired a connection successful court: “When I accidental I’m atrocious it’s not due to the fact that I’m getting sentenced today, but due to the fact that actions talk louder than words. Punishment opens the way to forgiveness and redemption.”

Kigundu added: “According to the Quran, injustice is 1 of the worst sins we tin commit, which is wherefore I pleaded blameworthy and took afloat work for my actions.”

His lawyer, Rosina Cottage, said Kigundu had go “isolated” and “paranoid” successful the days earlier the occurrence and had considered termination but “decided against it.”

The justice said: “There’s nary question of him committing suicide. … I bash not judge that immoderate existent remorse has been shown—acceptance of guilt, yes, but not remorse.”

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