Images of Afghan War Removed From Public Platform to Protect US Allies

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The U.S. Department of Defense has moved to conceal the identities of Afghan citizens, and their household members, who aided the United States during the 20 years of warfare successful Afghanistan that outgo much than 172,000 lives.

A Pentagon authoritative said the section had removed images and videos, taken during the U.S. subject occupation, from a publically accessible platform.

The U.S. unit withdrawal starring up to Aug. 31 was followed soon by the illness of the Afghan authorities and the takeover of the state by the Taliban.

Pentagon property caput John Kirby told reporters connected Nov. 1: “We were acrophobic that [the Taliban] were going to question retired radical who helped america implicit time, oregon relatives and families.

“I deliberation those concerns were valid and we marque nary apology whatsoever for making this decision. I inactive judge it was the close happening to do.”

Kirby said it was his decision, delegated to enactment astatine the Defense Media Activity, to region 124,000 photographs and 17,000 videos from the Defense Department’s publically accessible Defense Visual Information Service (DVIDS).

He said the images person not been deleted from the record, but archived “out of an abundance of caution” until the section believes it is the due clip to enactment them backmost up.

Kirby added the process of removing the images went connected passim the people of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and continued good into September.

He described the effort arsenic a “mammoth undertaking” that took astir 2 months. The removal of images was not publically announced portion the process was underway.

“It wouldn’t marque overmuch consciousness to archer the satellite we were archiving these images earlier we were done archiving them,” said Kirby.

He noted the effort to get each Afghan allies and U.S. citizens retired of Afghanistan is inactive ongoing. The Pentagon’s latest estimation counts astir 450 American citizens remaining successful Afghanistan.

Originally, connected Aug. 30, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Biden medication believed determination to beryllium “under 200, and apt person to 100, who stay successful Afghanistan and privation to leave”.

No state has formally recognized the Taliban authorities since the insurgents took implicit the state successful August.

With planetary assistance to Afghanistan mostly chopped off, experts foretell small oregon nary economical maturation successful the state and a apt summation successful poorness successful the coming years.

Nick Ciolino


Nick Ciolino covers the White House.

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