In Nigeria, Fulani Pastor Preaches Christianity in Muslim No-Go Zones

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“I cognize I volition beryllium killed. In fact, I americium presently hunted, but I don’t care,” said the Reverend Buba Aliyu, a erstwhile Muslim from the Fulani tribe.

The Fulani people are among the largest tribes successful Africa and among the astir predictably Muslim. Yet, Aliyu, who converted to Christianity successful 1995, serves arsenic a pastor with the Church of the Brethren successful Nigeria.

Despite changeless threats to his beingness for his basal with Christianity, the fifty-one-year-old Aliyu is the outspoken person of “Fulbe (Fulani) Outreach International,” which helium founded successful Jos.

His ministry is credited with the conversion of thousands of Fulani Muslims successful Nigeria and different parts of West Africa and for distributing thousands of printed Arabic and pre-recorded Fulani connection physics Bibles to Fulani Muslims. The occurrence of his ngo has made him a marked antheral to Islamic fundamentalists, with his sanction circulated among Muslims for assassination.

In a caller video connected the internet, Islamic clerics exhorted Muslim and Fulani leaders to way down Aliyu for what they called “manipulation” of their members.

But Aliyu, who is besides the person of the Fulani limb of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), evangelizes successful the agrarian areas wherever persecution of Christians is virulent. He claims implicit 1 cardinal members crossed the state and says his flock is destined to grow. In fact, helium said it has not adjacent started. He cited the teachings of the Bible to explicate his not fearing death.

Epoch Times Photo Aliyu preaches to Fulani Christian converts successful bluish Nigeria. (courtesy Baba Aliyu)

From his bureau successful bluish Nigeria, Aliyu told The Epoch Times that helium dreams to find and person Fulani terrorists warring a spiritual warfare into “messengers of Christ’s gospel.”

“If alternatively of sidesplitting them, we preach to them and triumph them for Christ, the kingdom of God volition advance, and God volition beryllium blessed with us, due to the fact that He says helium is pained by the decease of a sinner,” Aliyu said. He precocious started a run to alteration the stereotype of the Fulani people created by their radical, militant members.

“The unit perpetrated by immoderate of our fellows has fixed america a atrocious sanction and made each of america casual targets wherever we go, careless of our religions,” helium said. “This vulnerability has made galore of our radical who would privation to clasp Christianity to beryllium acrophobic due to the fact that the Muslims would beryllium hunting them for converting, and the Christians mightiness mistake them for the hostile Fulani,” Aliyu said.

Born the lad of a starring herder successful Borno State, Aliyu had a idiosyncratic spiritual acquisition earlier gathering immoderate cleric.

Within weeks of uncovering his caller faith, Aliyu began an “aggressive evangelism” among the Fulani, contempt being hunted astatine location for “apostasy.” His household disowned him, and his member attempted to termination him with his hunting rifle. He said helium was saved by his mother.

“It was my parent who saved maine erstwhile helium got the accidental to sprout me,” Aliyu said.

“My humor member begged to beryllium fixed the grant of shooting maine himself due to the fact that helium is simply a hunter. My parent pushed the muzzle of the weapon distant earlier helium pulled the trigger and wailed, begging him to spare me.

“He said I had brought shame to the household and didn’t merit to live. She pleaded, adjacent tearing her clothes, and helium near successful choler but respective different times helium hunted me,” according to Aliyu.

When threats connected his beingness snowballed, Aliyu fled his autochthonal Borno to Kano and aboriginal to Jos, wherever helium founded Fulbe (Fulani) Outreach International.

Fulani terrorists person been blamed for the execution of much than 60,000 Christians successful Nigeria and person much than 100,000 equipped men successful the country’s northbound according to Abubakar Ahmed Gumi, an Islamic cleric who negotiates with the authorities connected their behalf.

“Fulani Christians successful Nigeria are stuck betwixt a stone and a hard place,” said Kyle Abts, the enforcement manager of The International Committee connected Nigeria and a longtime missionary successful Jos.

“They are denied presumption arsenic existent Christians by the wide Nigerian Christian assemblage and suspected to beryllium disingenuous and potentially spies,” helium said to The Epoch Times. “Their ain kinsmen garbage to judge them erstwhile they crook to pursuing Christianity due to the fact that Fulanis are expected to beryllium Muslim without exception,” helium added.

Population displacement caused by bloody nighttime attacks has resulted successful the terrorists taking implicit 380 Christian communities successful Central Nigeria since 2001, according to Christian Solidarity International. In Plateau State alone, much than 76 Christian communities person been captured and turned into Muslim no-go zones by the Fulani.

A Fulani Christian person successful Plateau State was reportedly killed past twelvemonth successful his colony of Rankum, a erstwhile Christian municipality annexed by the Fulani, according to locals who spoke connected inheritance for fearfulness of retaliation. Alkassim Adams, past a pupil of Church of Christ successful Nations (COCIN) Bible School, was abducted successful wide daylight and killed Oct. 5, 2020 with 2 of his Fulani Christian friends who had accompanied him location for the ceremonial of his deceased father.

Sources wrong the municipality reported that the 3 were ordered to renounce their Christian faith, but they refused and were executed.

Although the municipality of Rankum had been taken implicit connected Sept. 11, 2001 aft a brutal attack, immoderate of the residents, including Fulani families, continued to worship secretly arsenic Christians. The closeted Christians learned of attacks planned for surrounding villages and secretly warned Christians successful the area, according to confidential sources successful Rankum, presently known nether its Muslim sanction of Mahanga.

Epoch Times Photo A residence burned successful Jebbu-Miango, Plateau State, Nigeria the nighttime of July 31, 2021. (Masara Kim/The Epoch Times)

The Epoch Times successful August reported however a Fulani Pastor successful the Bassa County of Plateau State named Adam Musa was changeable successful an ambush adjacent his enactment spot successful Miango connected July 31, 2021 by Fulani Muslims.

Musa, whose location was razed successful a erstwhile effort connected his beingness successful April, was ferrying a Christian pistillate to Miango from a adjacent colony connected his motorcycle erstwhile helium was attacked astatine sunset. He survived with slug wounds, but his rider was killed. Musa told The Epoch Times that helium has received threats from Muslim terrorists who person vowed to termination him for abandoning Islam. “They were aft my beingness due to the fact that I americium nary much a Muslim,” Adam said.

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