In Our Paradise review – Bosnian sisters struggling to make it abroad in migrant tale

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Featuring Indira and Mehdina, 2 Bosnian sisters who effort to flight their beingness of poorness successful their homeland, Claudia Marschal’s documentary observes the xenophobia and fiscal insecurity faced by immigrants from the Balkans, an country already troubled by a past of governmental turbulence. The “paradise” hinted astatine successful the title, however, is simply a mirage, arsenic the women and their families conflict to settee down successful France and Germany.

Indira and her young children are placed successful an migration centre successful Germany wherever they use for asylum – which is yet denied. As Indira is turned distant from what she hoped to beryllium a brighter future, Mehdina is arguably much fortunate, arsenic she was capable to emigrate to France – though, astatine the time, she was lone 14 and already married. While radical astatine location presume she has a amended beingness successful her caller country, she faces changeless wealth worries, forced adjacent to merchantability her jewellery. Amid specified hardships, the film’s astir moving sequences impact the sisters’ children, astir of whom are oblivious to the adults’ turmoil: Indira’s children, for example, tin inactive bask a crippled of fell and question successful the cramped conditions successful the migration centre.

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However, determination is simply a basal deficiency of intimacy here. It is hard to glean overmuch astir Indira and Mehdina’s personalities, oregon their narration to each other, and small of their household inheritance is mentioned. The movie aims to absorption connected the tyranny of borders, but fails to convey a tangible consciousness of the spaces that the sisters inhabit – Bosnia, France and Germany are flattened into indeterminacy. This ends up much arsenic a consecutive quality study alternatively than offering the penetration of a cinematic documentary.