Incumbent Mayor Running for Election in Costa Mesa

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John Stephens, who was appointed politician of Costa Mesa successful 2021 to regenerate Katrina Foley erstwhile she was elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors, is moving for politician successful the upcoming Nov. 8 election. His hostile is erstwhile authorities Sen. John Moorlach.

Stephens has a past of nationalist work and said helium enjoys giving backmost to the city.

“I’m not a politician, it’s conscionable my mode to service the community. It’s nary antithetic than erstwhile the assemblage needs idiosyncratic to manager softball,” Stephens told The Epoch Times.

Epoch Times Photo (Courtesy of John Stephens)

Stephens served connected the metropolis assembly from 2016 done 2020, followed by a little stint connected its readying committee soon earlier becoming mayor. He’s additionally served connected the city’s pension oversight and carnal services committees.

“I find this assemblage work precise rewarding … it puts maine successful a presumption to bash immoderate existent bully and truly recognize what the assemblage needs,” helium said.

As president of the Orange County Homelessness Task Force portion a councilman successful 2018, Stephens helped found what’s known arsenic a Bridge Shelter, which present provides 70 beds for stateless individuals successful Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Due to lawsuits, Costa Mesa constabulary had been prohibited to region stateless camping successful nationalist areas earlier due to the fact that they didn’t person capable structure beds.

With the assistance of the caller shelter, constabulary tin enforce rules against encampments successful the city.

According to the 2022 constituent successful clip count, the fig of stateless dropped successful Costa Mesa by 20 percent, which Stephens said is 1 of his biggest accomplishments.

“One happening I americium astir arrogant of successful my nationalist work was establishing our Bridge Shelter successful 2018,” helium said.

He said the metropolis besides has besides adopted what’s known arsenic a lodging archetypal model—which allows a stateless idiosyncratic to participate a structure with minimal requirements—whereas different cities whitethorn mandate therapy, counseling, oregon attending to substance maltreatment issues, arsenic a prerequisite for shelter.

“People travel successful with debased barriers, arsenic soon arsenic they get cleaned up, they get checked retired successful presumption of wellness and past they instantly commencement moving connected their lodging plan,” helium said.

Stephens graduated with a instrumentality grade from UC Davis successful 1989 specializing successful concern litigation. After moving successful the tract for astir 10 years, helium started his ain signifier Stephen Friedlands LLP.

According to Stephens, portion a Costa Mesa metropolis councilman, his litigation skills became utile astatine the onset of the pandemic, arsenic the metropolis was faced with a hard choice.

Federal and authorities agencies had decided successful February 2020 they wanted to bring 70 infected patients from a cruise vessel and quarantine them astatine the city’s Fairview Developmental Center, which is simply a ample state-owned installation that provides attraction for disabled and aged patients.

“We’re stopping the national and authorities government. They’re not moving those radical into Costa Mesa,” Stephens said were his words to colleagues erstwhile helium learned of the issue.

“It was the metropolis of Costa Mesa against the Department of Justice and the California Attorney General’s office, and we won,” helium said.

At the time, nary 1 knew whether the microorganism was airborne oregon if it dispersed done surfaces, and the metropolis was unprepared, Stephens said.

“We courageously went up against the national and authorities authorities to support our residents … I volition ever retrieve that arsenic a large story,” helium said.

Outside of work, Stephens said helium enjoys spending clip with his woman Amy and their 4 children which each graduated from St. John the Baptist Catholic School successful Costa Mesa. He coached younker sports for 18 years and besides enjoys golfing and singing karaoke.

As an attorney, he’s been recognized by assorted ranking entities arsenic a Super Lawyer, 1 of the Top Attorneys successful Orange County, and Best Lawyers of America.

Stephens said helium believes helium is the champion campaigner for the spot due to the fact that the city’s fund is balanced, it boasts a AA recognition standing and it has large constabulary and occurrence staffing.

He besides said helium has a cleanable attendance record.

“I’ve ne'er missed a assembly gathering successful six years,” helium said.

But helium admitted the metropolis inactive has a batch of enactment that needs to beryllium done.

“We person to fto this squad proceed to physique connected the advancement that we’ve made successful the past six years and there’s nary crushed for a change.” helium said. “I’ve been serving the assemblage diligently and faithfully for truthful galore years and different 2 years I deliberation would beryllium successful the champion involvement of the community.”

According to the city’s astir caller run publication  filings, helium has raised implicit $140,000 from Jan. 1, 2021, through Sept. 22, 2022.

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