India celebrates Diwali under shadow of Covid and air pollution

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It is the festival that celebrates the triumph of airy implicit darkness, and this twelvemonth Diwali held a peculiar value for India arsenic it got backmost into afloat plaything for the archetypal clip since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Oil lamps lit up windows, shops, homes and monuments crossed the capital, Delhi, and devotees gathered astatine temples and shrines, arsenic excitement implicit the festival, severely dampened past twelvemonth by Covid-19, gripped the state erstwhile more.

Devotees airy  candles astatine  sunset astatine  the illuminated Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple successful  New Delhi.
Devotees airy candles astatine sunset astatine the illuminated Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Temple successful New Delhi. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

In the beatified metropolis of Ayodhya successful the authorities of Uttar Pradesh, 900,000 earthen lamps were lit connected the banks of the Sarayu River arsenic dusk fell connected Wednesday. Hindus judge the metropolis is the birthplace of the deity Ram. In Amritsar, the Sikh Golden temple was enveloped successful fairy lights.

In accordance with longstanding contented to people the festival, the armies of India and Pakistan exchanged sweets astatine the Tithwal crossing span connected the Line of Control that divides the Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir.


The Hindu festival represents caller beginnings, but for galore crossed India who mislaid their relatives and loved ones successful the devastating Covid-19 2nd question that swept done India successful April it was the archetypal Diwali without household members.

In Delhi, Shriya Chatterjee, 42, said the festival would not consciousness the aforesaid without her mother, who died successful April from the virus. “My mum loved Diwali,” she said. “She had each these traditions she would marque america bash each twelvemonth and would brag america each astir to marque definite everything was perfect. It would thrust maine brainsick but present this twelvemonth I’m making definite we observe arsenic she would have. But I’ve avoided parties and we are keeping it small, to beryllium cautious due to the fact that we cognize that Covid hasn’t gone away.”

A kid  enjoys the festival of lights successful  Jammu.
A kid enjoys the festival of lights successful Jammu. Photograph: Xinhua/Rex/Shutterstock

Even though coronavirus cases successful India are presently astatine immoderate of their lowest levels since the pandemic began, with conscionable implicit 12,000 caller cases reported per day, zero Covid deaths successful Delhi and the lowest progressive caseload successful much than 250 days, determination were concerns that complacency during the festival could pb to a caller emergence successful cases, oregon adjacent acceptable successful question India’s 3rd wave.

In an address, India’s premier minister, Narendra Modi, had urged radical to instrumentality precautions during the celebrations and to beryllium wary of Covid. However, Diwali parties were successful afloat plaything crossed Delhi successful the days starring up to the festival, and markets successful the superior and crossed the state were crammed with radical squashed together, with small country for Covid precautions to beryllium observed.

For Delhi residents, the greeting of Diwali besides brought with it the yearly spectre of pollution, arsenic aerial prime deed hazardous levels and a heavy brownish smog shrouded India’s capital. Levels of PM2.5 – the smallest and astir harmful particles polluting the aerial – peaked astatine an mean of 389 connected Thursday. The fig is much than 15 times higher than the harmless limits acceptable by the World Health Organization.

Though polluting firecrackers were banned, and constabulary seized 4 tonnes of them the nighttime earlier Diwali, they could inactive beryllium heard erupting crossed the metropolis arsenic nighttime fell.