India’s Missile Test Not Meant as a Warning Shot to Beijing, Experts Say

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India’s caller testing of a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile came connected the heels of failed subject and diplomatic talks betwixt India and China, arsenic good arsenic reports of a hypersonic rocket trial by the Chinese regime.

But experts told The Epoch Times that India’s test-fire was not a retaliatory effect to the regime’s caller actions.

Agni-5 Capabilities

Animesh Roul, enforcement manager of the New Delhi-based Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict, said this was not the archetypal clip India test-fired an Agni-5 surface-to-surface ballistic missile. In 2012, 2013, and 2018, the Agni-5 was tested respective times.

“However, the Oct. 27 trial astatine Odisha coast’s Abdul Kalam Island was the archetypal proceedings of the rocket by the Strategic Forces Command that deploys India’s atomic arsenal,” helium said.

This confirms that Agni-5 nuclear-capable missiles could beryllium rapidly deployed from strategical locations successful India, Roul added.

The rocket trial was besides important due to the fact that it reaffirmed “India’s authoritative argumentation to person credible minimum deterrence and committedness to no archetypal use, and it is besides the archetypal to beryllium utilized by India’s Strategic Force Command,” said Mahesh Debata, an adjunct prof astatine India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University.

With a motorboat value of astir 100 1000 pounds, this nuclear-capable rocket tin transportation a warhead of up to 3,000 pounds. India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) reported that the Agni-5 rocket has a maximum scope of up to 3,600 miles.

Others, including Du Wenlong, a researcher astatine the People’s Liberation Army’s Academy of Military Sciences, person suggested a scope of astir 5,000 miles. If this is the case, the Agni-5 has the quality to onslaught astir each of mainland China, reaching arsenic acold arsenic the northernmost portion of the country.

Continued Crisis

Border disputes betwixt India and China person existed for galore decades, and these unresolved territorial disputes person resulted successful a fig of conflicts done the years.

A violent clash betwixt Indian and Chinese equipped forces successful the distant Himalayan portion of eastbound Ladakh successful aboriginal May 2020 brought immoderate accidental of resolving disputes to a caller low, Roul said. There were reportedly dozens of injuries and deaths connected some sides.

In effect to the deadly face-off, helium said, “both sides person beefed up unit deployment with tens of thousands of soldiers [and] weaponry ever since.”

Following aggregate rounds of subject and diplomatic talks, Roul said signs of disengagement had begun. But helium went connected to enactment that the 13th circular of subject talks betwixt India and China successful October ended successful a stalemate without further headway. “So, borderline issues betwixt the 2 countries stay volatile,” helium said.

According to Roul, the ongoing tensions betwixt the 2 countries could springiness crushed for the Chinese authorities to instrumentality the Agni-5 investigating arsenic a motion of assertive subject posturing by India.

Not a Warning Shot

Some experts person described the Agni-5 rocket motorboat arsenic a informing changeable from India to China.

Roul disagreed, saying that it would not beryllium sensible for immoderate state to “display its rocket musculus arsenic a informing shot, oregon arsenic portion of immoderate assertive oregon antiaircraft posturing.”

“India is precise good alert of superior Chinese rocket capabilities, and flexing [its own] muscles would beryllium futile and counterproductive [to diplomatic and subject talks],” helium said.

Debata besides said it is “not close to assume” that the palmy trial of Agni-5 rocket from disconnected the seashore of Odisha was “a informing for immoderate state oregon targeted astatine immoderate peculiar country.”

Missile investigating is not uncommon successful India. Prior to the Agni-5, Roul said 4 different missiles person been operationally deployed with antithetic ranges and payload capabilities. India could simply beryllium showing China “its ongoing improvement successful ground-based accepted rocket and atomic forces,” helium said.

Debata said, “Since the inaugural trial of Agni class missiles successful 1989, it has been a potent unit of India’s defence strategy and its contiguous launching could beryllium described arsenic a close measurement to further spruce up India’s defence capabilities.”

At a clip erstwhile the Chinese authorities is putting its atomic capabilities connected afloat display, Roul said “the trial whitethorn assistance India physique a home statement and reassurance astir its subject capabilities and wide morale of the equipped forces.”

The Agni-5 rocket is “clearly portion of India’s strategical deterrence vis-à-vis China,” helium added.

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