Indian Court Grants Extradition for Australia Murder Suspect

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NEW DELHI—A tribunal successful New Delhi connected Tuesday approved an extradition petition for the premier fishy successful the sidesplitting of a pistillate connected an Australian formation 4 years ago.

Rajwinder Singh, who is of Indian origin, was arrested successful November connected the outskirts of the Indian capital. His apprehension came 3 weeks aft helium was targeted with a 1 cardinal Australian dollar ($677,000) reward.

Australia had applied to India for Singh’s extradition successful March 2021, but helium could not beryllium found.

Singh, 38, flew from Sydney to India the time aft 24-year-old Australian Toyah Cordingley’s assemblage was recovered connected the Queensland authorities seashore connected Oct. 22, 2018.

The court’s bid approving Singh’s extradition to Australia volition present request to beryllium signed disconnected by the Indian government, which could instrumentality a fewer weeks, said Ajay Digpaul, lasting counsel for the national Indian government. He added that Singh earlier this period waived his close to situation the extradition.

In November, Australia’s lawyer wide said Singh’s extradition is simply a “high priority” for his authorities and that it volition enactment with Indian authorities to guarantee Singh returned to Australia to look justice.

The Queensland authorities connected Nov. 3 offered the largest reward successful the state’s past for accusation astir Singh.

The reward was unsocial successful that it did not question a hint that solves a transgression and leads to a palmy prosecution. Instead, the wealth is offered for accusation that leads lone to a suspect’s determination and arrest.

Indian constabulary arrested Singh connected the aforesaid time they received accusation astir his whereabouts, Australian Federal Police said successful November.

New Delhi constabulary said Singh was arrested connected a road to his location authorities of Punjab based connected quality shared by the France-based planetary policing enactment Interpol arsenic good arsenic Australian police.

Singh was “believed to beryllium avoiding apprehension successful the Punjab portion successful India since traveling to the country” successful 2018, according to Australian police.

Singh was employed arsenic a caregiver astatine Innisfail, a municipality southbound of the large metropolis of Cairns, erstwhile Cordingley was killed connected Wangetti Beach. She had gone to the formation to locomotion her dog.

Australia and India person had a extradition pact successful spot since 2010, but the process tin beryllium slow.

For 13 years, Australia has been pursuing the extradition of Indian nationalist Puneet Puneet, 33, who fled Australia aft helium was convicted of drunk driving and speeding erstwhile helium deed and killed 1 pedestrian and injured different successful downtown Melbourne successful 2008.