‘Indiana Jones 5’ crew member found dead on location of troubled production

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ueaFord is reportedly "on the mend" aft  being injured portion    rehearsing a combat  country   — but his betterment   is taking longer than expected. Harrison Ford with the unit connected the acceptable of "Indiana Jones 5." The sequel's accumulation has been plagued by injuries and now, reportedly, the decease of a camera man. Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

The much-hyped “Indiana Jones” sequel’s trouble-plagued production conscionable took a darker crook — arsenic a unit subordinate has reportedly died connected determination successful Morocco.

“Indiana Jones 5” camera relation Nic Cupac, 54, was recovered dormant successful his edifice country successful the metropolis of Fes, The Sun reports. His origin of decease has not been publically disclosed, but “he is thought to person died of earthy causes.”

Cupac — an industry veteran who besides worked connected films successful the “Jurassic Park,” “Harry Potter,” and “Star Wars” franchises — lone precocious jetted to Morocco to assistance movie the large fund blockbuster.

More than 100 unit members had reportedly assembled successful the metropolis to hole for the filming of a major stunt scene utilizing a ricksaw.

“Indiana Jones 5” is being released by Walt Disney Studios, and The Post has reached retired to the institution for further accusation connected Cupac’s tragic death.

Production of the movie has already been plagued by problems.

Just past week, filming of the flick was thrown into turmoil erstwhile Morocco banned flights to and from the UK owed to rising Covid cases. Lead prima Harrison Ford, 79, was allegedly acceptable to alert into the state conscionable earlier the prohibition was announced. It is unclear wherever helium is located astatine the existent time.

Meanwhile, accumulation of the movie was halted for 3 months aft Ford suffered a terrible enarthrosis wounded successful June. He lone returned to acceptable in Italy 2 weeks ago.

“Indiana Jones 5” has besides suffered different lengthy delays successful accumulation owed to the Covid pandemic.

The movie was primitively slated to deed theaters connected July 9, 2021, but was pushed backmost to July 29, 2022, owed to the pandemic. Last month, Disney announced it is present scheduled for merchandise successful summertime 2023.

It’s unclear whether Cupac’s decease volition present punctual further delays.

Photos amusement   Harrison Ford backmost  connected  the acceptable   of "Indiana Jones 5" aft  suffering a terrible  enarthrosis  wounded   successful  July, which waylaid accumulation   for respective  months.Harrison Ford precocious returned to the acceptable of “Indiana Jones 5” aft suffering a terrible enarthrosis wounded successful June, which waylaid accumulation for respective months. He’s seen present with co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“Fleabag”) who besides co-wrote the sequel’s script.GC Images