Indonesia Mulls Tax-Free, 5-year Visa for Digital Nomads Staying in Bali

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Indonesia is mulling a integer nomad visa that would let travelers to unrecorded successful Bali without paying taxes for 5 years to pull 3.6 cardinal overseas travelers to the island, according to its Tourism Minister.

The projected integer nomad visa would let distant workers whose net travel from extracurricular Indonesia to enactment tax-free successful Bali, Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno said successful an interrogation with Bloomberg.

The program had been enactment connected clasp owed to the rising COVID-19 pandemic past year. Sandiaga said the authorities is connected way to relaunch the program present that the pandemic has subsided.

“Now with the pandemic handled and each the ministries getting progressive and cooperating from the wellness broadside to the migration office, we judge that this is an opportune clip to relaunch this idea,” helium said.

Sandiaga said the authorities aims to boost the section system and make 1 cardinal jobs for Indonesians by bringing successful much overseas travelers to Bali, citing a survey that revealed Bali was connected “top of mind” of 95 percent of “digital nomads” who took portion successful the survey.

“In the past, the 3 S was: sun, sea, and sand. We’re moving it to serenity, spirituality, and sustainability. This mode we’re getting amended prime and amended interaction to the section economy,” helium remarked.

There are presently astir 24 countries that connection integer nomad visas for distant workers, including Germany, Taiwan, Mexico, Iceland, Portugal, and Norway, according to Relocate website.

Easing Restrictions

Indonesia has lifted astir of its COVID-19 restrictions, including lifting the outdoor disguise mandate and scrapping the pre-departure test, arsenic good arsenic the quarantine requirements for overseas travelers.

The authorities besides reinstated the Visa connected Arrival for 43 countries, allowing travelers to enactment successful Indonesia for up to 60 days. Sandiaga told reporters successful April that helium aimed to rise the fig of planetary visitors to Indonesia by 3 cardinal this year.

“At slightest successful the adjacent fewer periods, we are targeting 1.4 cardinal tourer visits from Australia, and this is to guarantee that we are ready, hence we request to accelerate promotion effort successful the market. The process to participate Bali present is easier than ever,” helium said.

Indonesia has made respective visa options disposable for integer nomads, including the Visa connected Arrival, Tourist oregon Cultural Visa, and the Free Visa—which allows travelers to enactment successful Indonesia without a visa—but these lone past 30 to 60 days.

Aldgra Fredly


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