Inside the Facebook Papers

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A WIRED bid dives into thousands of interior documents, showing a institution rife with issues that it mostly failed to address.

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The Facebook Papers item the dysfunction heavy wrong the societal media giant. Illustration: Elena Lacey; Getty Images

The Facebook Papers

Thousands of interior documents amusement the world’s biggest societal media institution often ignored warnings astir its deepest problems.

On October 5, a erstwhile subordinate of Facebook’s civic misinformation squad named Frances Haugen testified earlier Congress. In her astir 2 years astatine Facebook, Haugen said, she had consistently seen the institution prioritize maturation implicit each else, to the detriment of its users and nine astatine large. It had agelong ignored the warnings of its ain researchers astir the platform’s imaginable harms. And she had gathered thousands of pages of interior documents—now collectively known arsenic The Facebook Papers—to beryllium it.