Inside this $11.5M Star Wars-themed Florida home near Disney World

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Star Wars themed location   lists for $11.5 million. Star Wars themed location lists for $11.5 million.

There person been galore homes that person attempted the Star Wars theme, and portion cool, they were not rather arsenic awesome arsenic this colossal 15-bedroom, 19-bathroom Florida mansion presently connected merchantability for $11.5 million.

Newly constructed, the spot spans astir 18,000 quadrate feet and is located successful Reunion Resort in Kissimmee —  lone 5 miles from Disney World.

According to the listing, the location was built “for household amusive successful mind” and for “creating memories that volition past generations.”

Indoor amenities see a hoops and athletics court, play simulator, an arcade, a gym and 2 full-length bowling alleys.

It besides has an in-home spa and sauna. The location theatre seats 16 positive people. For conscionable kids, the location features a third-floor hidden loft country with a kids’ theatre and a video crippled area. A life-size Darth Vader mannequin stands astatine the doorway erstwhile you locomotion in. 

The location  spans implicit    18,000 quadrate  feet.The location spans implicit 18,000 quadrate feet.
A hallway starring  to the chamber  with Darth Vader waiting upon entry.A decorated hallway starring to the bedrooms with Darth Vader waiting upon entry.
Darth Vader.Darth Vader up close.
Elevator doors.Star Wars designed passageway starring to the crippled room.
The blast doorway  starring  to different   bedrooms.The blast doorway leads to different bedrooms.
Han Solo frozen successful  carbonite.Han Solo frozen successful carbonite.
Star Wars themed bunk beds.Star Wars-themed bunk beds.
Princess Leia themed bunk furniture  room.Princess Leia-themed bunk bedroom.
Han Solo tin  beryllium  seen situated connected  the right. Han Solo tin beryllium seen situated connected the right.
Baby Yoda.Baby Yoda.

The spot designed 2 kid-friendly themed bunk bedrooms that slumber up to 12 — oregon for big ace fans. One of those themes is full Star Wars, with Chewbacca figures, Stormtroopers and Baby Yoda and the different is Princess Leia-themed.

Probably the astir unsocial facet of the home? It was built for optimal laser tag passim the estate, the listing states.

Exterior amenities diagnostic an expansive patio, excavation and oversized blistery tub.

The remainder of the location is beauteous standard. Upon entry, vaulted ceilings look which unfastened retired to the unfastened level plan, which includes an oversized kitchen, eating country and island.

Tj Cosgrove of Reunion Realty holds the listing.