Intelligence Chiefs of US, Japan, South Korea Gathered In Seoul To Discuss North Korean Aggression

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On Oct. 18, quality chiefs of South Korea, the United States, and Japan convened successful Seoul to sermon North Korean issues, aiming to bring Pyongyang backmost to the negotiating array done a flurry of diplomacy.

According to the Korea Herald, a trilateral gathering was said to person been held betwixt the caput of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service Park Jie-won, the U.S. manager of nationalist quality Avril Haines, and Japan’s furniture quality manager Hiroaki Takizawa connected Oct. 18.

It is unclear whether aggregate meetings took place, arsenic the study besides suggested a gathering connected Oct. 19.

According to the Korea Times, U.S. nationalist quality manager Avril Haines met with South Korean nationalist information manager Suh Hoon astatine the Blue House implicit luncheon connected Oct. 18 to “have extended discussions astir the concern connected the Korean Peninsula and ways to heighten the Korea-U.S. alliance.”

Following North Korea’s caller bid of rocket launches, Haines and Hoon shared their assessments of the information concern connected the Korean Peninsula, according to the Blue House official.

After conducting 4 rocket tests successful little than a month, North Korea is presently seeking dialog with South Korea portion denouncing the U.S. connection for dialogue.

Pyongyang has remained unresponsive to Washington’s overtures for dialogue. The denuclearization talks remained stalled since the no-deal acme betwixt past U.S. President Donald Trump and the North’s person Kim Jong-un successful 2019.

Japan’s furniture quality manager Hiroaki Takizawa made Seoul his archetypal sojourn since Japan’s caller Prime Minister Fumio Kishida took bureau earlier this month, perchance signaling Tokyo’s caller argumentation absorption connected North Korea.

The meetings betwixt the United States, Japan, and South Korea officials could purpose to fortify the trilateral quality sharing betwixt the nations to deter the increasing North Korean rocket threats.

On Oct. 15, South Korean President Moon and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida held their archetypal telephone telephone and agreed to make their ties “in a future-oriented manner.”

Moon Jae-in Meets with US CIA Director

Prior to the trilateral quality meeting, connected Oct. 15, President Moon Jae-in held a gathering with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) manager William Burns, wherever helium emphasized the Korea-U.S. confederation arsenic a instauration of the nation’s security.

Moon and Burns had in-depth discussions connected the concern connected the Korean Peninsula and the strengthening of quality sharing betwixt the 2 nations. In Burns’s archetypal sojourn to South Korea since assuming bureau arsenic the CIA director, helium expressed his respect for Moon’s efforts to support bid and stableness connected the Korean Peninsula, the Blue House stated.

“The adjacent practice connected quality betwixt the 2 countries supports the coagulated bilateral alliance,” South Korean statesmanlike spokesperson Park Kyung-mee said, further echoing Moon’s statement.

China–North Korea Relations

“North Korea has ever been backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” Lu Tianming, an overseas existent affairs commentator, told The Epoch Times.

Lu suggested that the CCP has ever utilized North Korea to blackmail the planetary assemblage indirectly and that North Korea’s caller bid of rocket launches were apt meant to unit the U.S. Navy successful the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, particularly related to caller reports of U.S. peculiar forces successful Taiwan grooming Taiwanese soldiers.

Lu besides pointed retired the “Six-Party Talks” person not made immoderate meaningful advancement arsenic the CCP played the other relation to its intended purpose.

The “Six-Party Talks” refers to a bid of negotiations involving China, North Korea, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and the United States, aimed astatine resolving the North Korean atomic issue.

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