‘Invasion’ creator: ‘Without a doubt, I believe aliens are out there’

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Sam Neill wears a cowboy chapeau  and stands successful  a cornfield successful  beforehand   of a pickup truck, squinting. Sam Neill stars arsenic an Oklahoma sheriff successful Apple's caller sci-fi alien amusement "Invasion." Macall Polay

David Weil, the co-creator of caller Apple sci-fi epic “Invasion,” said that helium wanted to showcase an alien communicative that doesn’t halfway astir an enactment prima similar Tom Cruise oregon Will Smith.

“We’ve seen truthful galore large alien penetration stories, but they’re often led by these movie stars and enactment heroes. We wanted to crook that connected its caput and absorption connected existent people,” Weil, 32, told The Post. 

Co-created by Weil (“Hunters”) and Simon Kinberg (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith,”) “Invasion” follows assorted characters astir the satellite arsenic they acquisition and respond to inexplicable events that yet subordinate to the titular alien invasion.

Sam Neill successful  a cowboy chapeau  looks retired  of a model   with his illustration   to the camera. Sam Neill plays an Oklahoma sheriff adjacent status successful “Invasion.”

 There’s Oklahoma sheriff John (Sam Neill, “Jurassic Park”), who’s adjacent status and is investigating bizarre harvest formations; Japanese aerospace technologist Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna), who is sending her astronaut woman (Rinko Kikuchi) to space; Long Island ma and Syrian migrant Aneesha Malik (Golshifteh Farahani), who discovers that her hubby is having an matter and finds that her location is the lone 1 near lasting aft her vicinity is destroyed by thing mysterious and unseen; London teen Casper (Billy Barratt), who’s struggling with bullying and epilepsy, and Trevante (Shamier Anderson) an American worker successful Afghanistan who is isolated from his unit. 

Trevante (Shamier Anderson) sits successful  a dusty country   with an unfastened  doorway  utilizing a radio. Trevante (Shamier Anderson) is an American worker successful Afghanistan successful “Invasion.” Jason LaVeris

“We wanted to bash thing that was antithetic successful this genre,” said Weil, who grew up successful Long Island with an astronomy buff father. “Oftentimes, successful an alien penetration story, they halfway connected a achromatic Western often antheral hero. We wanted to crook that normal connected its caput and research a planetary acceptable of characters. What excited america most, though, was each of these characters — whether culturally oregon successful their families  — felt similar aliens successful their ain world. Each of our characters are successful immoderate benignant of crisis.

“So, we wanted to foreground our quality story, and inheritance alien penetration itself. We truly effort to unrecorded successful those characters’ stories earlier we get to the large alien acceptable pieces. Many alien penetration stories are astir the aliens, but ours is truly astir the humans.”

Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) stands holding a telephone  with her limb  astir   her lad   successful  a acheronian  room  successful  "Invasion." Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) is simply a Syrian migrant ma and woman successful Long Island successful “Invasion.”

Weil said they had a advisor connected acceptable from The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Institute. 

“I asked him, ‘If and erstwhile you find aliens, what is the question that you would privation astir to inquire them?’ And helium said, ‘Do you person euphony successful your culture, and bash you person religion?’ There’s thing truthful absorbing astir that. Without a doubt, I bash judge aliens are retired there.”

David Weil smiles for the camera astatine  a reddish  carpet lawsuit   lasting  successful  beforehand   of a yellowish  wall. “Invasion” co-creator David Weil. Dave Benett/Getty Images for Ama

Weil is besides moving connected Season 2 of his Amazon amusement “Hunters,” which stars Al Pacino and Logan Lerman arsenic Nazi hunters successful 1970s New York. 

“We’re astir done filming Season 2, truthful that’s exciting. Honestly, I would conscionable expect the unexpected. It’s a truly bold and imaginative show, truthful Season 2 is bigger and better. I’m excited for an assemblage to spot this adjacent section of the story.

“I deliberation that portion ‘Hunters’ and ‘Invasion’ are large successful scope, the adjacent happening I’d similar to bash is thing a spot much intimate. I ever similar to bash thing antithetic and thing new, to play successful a antithetic genre sandbox and flex antithetic muscles.”