Invoking the blitz spirit to tackle Covid and the climate | Letters

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Much has been made of the resemblance betwixt wartime Britain and the existent pandemic. Having experienced both, I find the opposition successful societal reactions to the 2 situations precise striking and puzzling. During the war, cipher denied its existence, nor disputed whether it represented an existential threat; nary 1 refused to participate aerial raid shelters, nor declined to don a authorities supplied state mask. We trusted each restriction, including terrible rationing, arsenic having been imposed for our eventual benefit. What has happened to origin truthful galore to garbage life-saving procedures and flout sensible precautions during this existent exigency erstwhile the menace has been, and continues to be, arsenic obvious?
Bob Caldwell
Badby, Northamptonshire

Running with Mark Walford’s taxable (Letters, 9 November), it is striking however often radical who are unhappy with the authorities of the federation accidental thing to the effect of “our parents fought truthful we [their offspring] could beryllium escaped and we should honour their sacrifice”. Yet we collectively bash not look prepared to travel that pb and marque sacrifices for our offspring truthful that they tin pb lives escaped from the worst consequences of planetary heating – which would beryllium a mode to honour that earlier sacrifice.

Instead, we had the payment of the actions of our forebears and disregard the impacts of our ain acts connected our descendants. I wonderment for however overmuch longer we shall beryllium capable to look them successful the eye.
Dave Hunter