Iran Flight Relatives Say Canada a Haven for Regime Officials

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Relatives of those killed erstwhile Iran’s subject changeable down Flight PS752 successful January 2020 accidental Canada has go a harmless haven for authorities officials.

“Canada has go a harmless haven for the criminals of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Hamed Esmaeilion testified Thursday day to the House justness committee.

Esmaeilion leads a radical representing grieving families, galore of whom are alert of galore radical who person worked for the regime, oregon are related to elder officials, moving freely successful Canada.

“This is simply a large interest for Iranian people,” helium said.

Amid a brutal crackdown connected women’s and quality rights protesters crossed Iran, the national Liberals are facing mounting unit to deem a conception of Iran’s service arsenic a violent group.

That has coincided with the 1,000-day day of the downing of Flight PS752 adjacent Tehran, which killed 176 people, astir of whom were headed done Ukraine to Canada.

No 1 has been held accountable.

Esmaeilion chalked that up to a naive bureaucracy that sees Iran arsenic a mean country.

“It’s chiefly the ineligible teams oregon the advisers; they inactive judge successful dialog with Iran due to the fact that they don’t spot Iran, oregon the Iranian regime, arsenic a Mafia group,” helium said.

“If you alteration your mindset, that you’re not negotiating with Switzerland oregon a antiauthoritarian country, past it would lick the problem.”

He said he’s told officials that Canadians would ne'er play a hockey crippled with North Korea, and yet Canada’s nationalist men’s shot squad was scheduled to play with Iran backmost successful June, earlier Canada Soccer cancelled amid governmental pushback.

Esmaeilion said he’s definite radical affiliated with Tehran person been liable for slashing his tires and making telephone calls helium recovered threatening.

The RCMP has antecedently said it is “aware of reports relating to victims experiencing threats, harassment and intimidation.”

And portion the Liberals person said they updated their sanctions database Monday based connected interaction from Esmaeilion’s group, helium said determination were galore much officials that relatives suggested months ago.

“I’m shocked that I don’t spot (Supreme Leader) Ali Khamenei connected the list,” helium said, adding that President Ebrahim Raisi and erstwhile overseas curate Mohammad Javad Zarif should beryllium listed.

He besides called retired Iran’s delegate for the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization, saying Farhad Parvaresh should beryllium kicked retired of Canada.

This week, a assemblage of Iranian Canadians took to Parliament Hill, demanding Ottawa deem the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps arsenic a violent group.

Experts person said that specified a alteration would beryllium hard to enforce, fixed that Iran has conscripted millions into the force’s non-combat roles. A panic listing compels Ottawa to frost assets held wrong Canada and contradict introduction into the country.

Esmaeilion said that is simply a superior concern, and determination whitethorn beryllium arsenic galore arsenic 15,000 radical already surviving successful Canada successful that situation. But helium said their subject documents intelligibly authorities whether they had a elder fertile and if they had joined the IRGC by choice.

“We tin exempt those people. We person talked to respective lawyers, and this is simply a elemental solution for putting the IRGC connected the list.”

He besides reiterated calls to clasp liable those successful complaint of the downing of the formation that killed his woman and daughter. Esmaeilion’s radical wants Canada to notation the lawsuit to the ICAO and the International Criminal Court.

“So far, aft 1,000 days, we person nary roadworthy map; we person nary clip frame,” helium said.

In a Wednesday interview, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said Canada wants to spot justness for the victims of Flight PS752, but indispensable exhaust each avenues with Iran earlier immoderate planetary tribunal volition instrumentality connected the case.

“The process is painful, it’s long, it’s cumbersome, it’s complicated,” helium said.

“These planetary bodies are flawed, they’re imperfect, but they are our champion mode to clasp Iran accountable.”

Alghabra said Canada has been helping pb reforms that purpose to forestall different catastrophe, specified arsenic the Safer Skies initiative. The thought is to person a planetary assemblage measure erstwhile struggle makes it unsafe for civilian flights, and counsel companies and states to not instrumentality off.

The formation Iran changeable down took disconnected hours into a subject cognition successful effect to the U.S. assassination of elder Iranian subject authoritative Qasem Soleimani.

“PS752 should not person been flying erstwhile determination was a struggle nearby,” Alghabra said.

By Dylan Robertson

The Canadian Press