Iran Sanctions Europeans Over Criticism of Protest Crackdown

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—Iran connected Wednesday announced sanctions targeting much than 30 European individuals and entities, portraying the determination arsenic a effect to caller European sanctions against officials linked to a crackdown connected nationwide protests.

Those targeted with sanctions see Britain’s lawyer wide and service main of staff, respective European parliamentarians, and European subject officials. Also targeted are the French intelligence Bernard-Henri Levy and 3 elder staffers astatine the French satirical mag Charlie Hebdo, which precocious published a bid of cartoons lampooning Iran’s clerical rulers.

The sanctions would barroom question to Iran and let authorities to artifact slope accounts and confiscate spot successful Iran. Those targeted are improbable to person either, rendering the determination mostly symbolic.

The determination came 2 days aft the European Union widened its sanctions to people dozens of Iranian officials and organizations linked to the convulsive suppression of caller protests. It stopped abbreviated of branding Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard a violent radical contempt an entreaty from the European Parliament.

In a abstracted improvement connected Wednesday, Iranians experienced a brief, nationwide net outage lasting astir 10 minutes. Authorities said they were investigating the origin of the outage.

Iran has chopped disconnected net entree astatine assorted times since the protests began 4 months ago, making it hard for activists to signifier and stock information. Authorities person besides heavy restricted media sum of the unrest.

Iranians person taken to the streets since September implicit the decease of a 22-year-old pistillate who was arrested by the morality constabulary for allegedly violating Iran’s strict Islamic formal code.

The demonstrations person called for the overthrow of Iran’s theocracy and airs 1 of the biggest challenges to the ruling clerics since the 1979 gyration that brought them to power. Rights groups accidental information forces person utilized unrecorded ammunition, vertebrate shot, and beatings to disperse protests.

At slightest 527 protesters person been killed and implicit 19,500 radical person been arrested, according to Human Rights Activists successful Iran, a radical that has intimately monitored the unrest. Iranian authorities person not provided an authoritative number of those killed oregon detained, and person blamed the protests and unit connected overseas powers without providing evidence.

The demonstrators accidental they are fed up aft decades of societal and governmental repression by a clerical enactment they presumption arsenic corrupt and incompetent.