Iranian Protestors Want ‘Revolution,’ Not ‘Reform’: Mary Mohammadi

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“They spot the authorities arsenic a violent … which doesn’t person immoderate motivation principles and wants to marque an Islamic world, not conscionable an Islamic Iran.”

“They are looking for freedom; they are looking for dignity.”

The Iranian authorities is facing the astir superior uprising successful decades. Widespread protests erupted aft a young pistillate died portion being held by the country’s morality constabulary successful September, and the protests person been continuing. A quality rights radical estimates that hundreds person been killed arsenic the Iranian ruler clamps down connected the protests.

Mary Mohammadi is simply a Christian and a quality rights activistic from Iran. She was imprisoned determination respective times for her quality rights work.

Mohammadi talked to NTD’s Steve Lance astir however she thinks these protests are antithetic from before, and what the protesters are demanding. They besides discussed the terrible quality rights maltreatment happening successful Iran, and what benignant of relation the U.S. authorities is playing.

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